joe p Brings the Energy to New York City Concert

joe p Brings the Energy to New York City Concert

Imagine making music in your basement and then going on tour and playing in a major city. Well, joe p doesn’t have to, we caught his concert in New York City! He joined Middle Kids on their Fall 2021 tour and absolutely killed it.

The Asbury Park native opened the show with ‘Off My Mind’ and immediately had the entire crowd dancing and singing along. We got to hear almost every song he’s released on Spotify and somehow they sounded even better live.

JOE P - New York, NY - September 20th, 2021
Image Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

Joe even played a new song, ‘Crown Vic (Black Cloud),’ off of his upcoming EP, Emily Can’t Sing. It’s released on October 22nd, 2021 and we absolutely cannot wait to stream it over and over.

To end his set, we took a little trip down memory lane with Joe. He played ‘Color TV’ by Deal Casino, Joe’s old band that broke up over the course of the pandemic. He taught the crowd the lyrics to the end of the song (even though most of us already knew it), and the entire room sang with him.

We had so much fun seeing joe p at the concert in New York City. We can’t wait to see him live again soon!

Want more joe p? Pre-save his new EP here, and tweet us @TheHoneyPop with which song you’re most excited to hear!

If you’re craving live music as much as we are, check out our concert coverage here.


Featured Image And Gallery Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

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