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The KIDS That Never Grow Old – Noga Erez Hits Cambridge, MA!

The KIDS That Never Grow Old – Noga Erez Hits Cambridge, MA!

Noga Erez and her band, Ori Rousso and Ran Jacobovitz opened up the Sinclair in Cambridge with a killer and a somewhat unplanned entrance. While experiencing some sound difficulties right off the bat, the crowd instantly grew with excitement as they sang back ‘End of the Road’ to the band. It was apparent from the crowd’s reaction that it was going to be an amazing concert!

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Kids Tour
Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

While this Cambridge show was one of the first handful of concerts kicking off their North American tour since the pandemic, they performed songs off their sophomore album, KIDS (that was recently released earlier of this year). Their album has been gaining traction slowly over the year with shoutouts and coverage from Jimmy Kimmel, Rolling Stones, and NPR music. Being such an evolutionary re-introduction back into their discography, KIDS didn’t shy away from being an absolute hit on stage.

These are songs about what we inherit from past generations, how we pass things on… how this game of evolution of our culture and humanity is very much in our hands. We were all somewhat a blank page at some point. KIDS talks about humanity’s potential for both beauty and destruction.

Shore Fire Media || Noga Erez Announces New Album KIDS Out March 26th Via City Slang

Kids Tour
Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

It would be a miss if the opener wasn’t mentioned. With similarities to The Anxiety and Solange, ROZET, brought the crowd to dance while we waited for the main act. We got to hear ‘Rigamarole’ along with a few others that just dropped on her Spotify.

Getting back to Noga’s unmatched stage presence, it was obvious that she held the crowd in the palm of her hands. As this was an almost sold-out show, it was great to see so many people entwined with her music. It seemed as if time stopped as their music filled the venue, capturing everyone’s attention from the front row all the way to the back of the mezzanine.

If you get the chance to attend one of her concerts, please do. From the band’s consistently high-energy performance and the love and attention they put into their album, it undoubtedly showed even when they wrapped up the setlist. This tour will continue to be a party that everyone needs to attend.

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Featured Image and Gallery Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

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