Can’t Swim Set The Show Ablaze!

Can’t Swim Set The Show Ablaze!

Can’t Swim are a rock band from Keansburg, New Jersey. And, they are touring for the first time since releasing their new album Change of Plans. And, are setting stages ablaze with their energetic stage presence! Seriously, nothing will make you want to stomp on the ground and fist pump like a Can’t’ Swim show.

When we first saw that Can’t Swim would be supporting Silverstein, along with The Plot In You, for their 20 Year Anniversary tour, we first thought “Wow 20 years. when did we get so old!?” And then we were instantly pumped because we can’t think of a better band to be supporting Silverstein on a tour like this.

Change of Plans is Can’t Swim’s third full-length album. With songs like ‘Set the Room Ablaze’ (Yes this is where we got the title.) and ‘Sense of Humor,’ we are loving it! For fans of hardcore and post-hardcore, if you have not picked this album up yet, do it now!

This tour is still rocking and rolling! Here is the setlist for Can’t Swim so you can practice hardcore dancing in your living room until they get to your city!

  • ‘Set The Room Ablaze’
  • ‘”sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong time”‘
  • ‘Prick’
  • ‘Deliver Us More Evil’
  • ‘Power’
  • ‘Stranger’

How would you rank Can’t Swim’s albums? What’s your favorite song off of Change of Plans? Where are you going to see them live!? Let us know! @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram!

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Featured Image and Gallery Source: Michael Yebra for The Honey POP

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