The Happy Fits ‘Go Dumb’ At Sold-Out New York Show

The Happy Fits ‘Go Dumb’ At Sold-Out New York Show

This NJ band knew what they were doing when they named this tour because really, what could be better? We caught The Happy Fits‘ sold-out show in New York for the What Could Be Better Tour, and it was everything we ever dreamed of.

Snarls were up first with an indie-pop set we all need in our lives. Right away, the vibes were incredible. We even got to hear a few songs off their new EP (out now!).

M.A.G.S. hit the stage next, filling the venue with the happiest energy… like ever. There wasn’t a second of the set where all four of them weren’t dancing and having the time of their lives. With a mix of genres from garage to alt-pop to folk-rock, you’re sure to find something to vibe with.

The Boys Are Back

“We’re back baby!” The Happy Fits lit up the venue as soon as they stepped foot onstage. The entire crowd was dancing the whole time. It really felt like we were hanging out with 575 of our best friends (and three more on stage, of course).

The guys were super grateful to sell out Bowery Ballroom (their biggest crowd ever), a venue Cal and Ross were just at a few weeks prior to see one of their favorite bands. Not only did they thank the fans multiple times over the night, but they also thanked each person on their crew by name.

Image Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

Have we mentioned the setlist? It was phenomenal – a mix of songs from the new album, What Could Be Better, and fan-fave deep cuts from the very start of the band. It was one of the liveliest shows we’ve ever been to. These guys are some of the most talented musicians ever. We’re still figuring out how drummer Luke managed to play ‘Mary’ and ‘Heart of a Dancer’ back-to-back with ease.


  • ‘Go Dumb’
  • ‘No Instructions’
  • ‘Two of Many’
  • ‘So Alright, Cool, Whatever’
  • ‘Another Try’
  • ‘Dirty Imbecile’
  • ‘Sailing’
  • ‘Cold Turkey’
  • ‘Get a Job’
  • ‘Mary’
  • ‘Heart of a Dancer’
  • ‘Best Tears’
  • ‘She Wants Me (To Be Loved)’
  • ‘Moving’
  • ‘Hold Me Down’
  • ‘Too Late’
  • ‘Grow Back’

The Happy Fits gave us the sold-out show we’ve been craving in New York on the What Could Be Better Tour! Missed it (or want to go again)? They’re touring until December 18th, grab your tickets here.

What’s your fave THF song? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let us know!


Featured Image And Gallery Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

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