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INTERVIEW: Alice Ivy On ‘Weakness,’ Zoom Sessions, And The Art Of Collaboration

INTERVIEW: Alice Ivy On ‘Weakness,’ Zoom Sessions, And The Art Of Collaboration

In an industry where advanced technology has artists looking towards the future, no one brings throwback vibes quite like Melbourne’s Alice Ivy. The songwriter, producer, and collaborator extraordinaire draws from Motown and funk while adding her own fresh take and perspective, and we at THP can’t get enough!

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Alice released her first album, I’m Dreaming, in 2018 after earning a music industry degree and learning how to use Ableton software at RMIT University. Her 2020 record, Don’t Sleep, let her show off her artistic growth and the musical knowledge she had gained since releasing her debut. Even after two immaculate projects, Alice is constantly pushing herself to evolve and find new ways to bring her visions to life!

Her new single, ‘Weakness,’ recruits fellow Aussie artist Sycco for a retro-infused banger about falling for someone new. The track shows off her production prowess and stellar songwriting, managing to sound lighthearted and fun while still detailing a complex emotion.

We got to talk to Alice about ‘Weakness,’ her collaboration experiences, and her musical influences! Keep reading to see what exciting insights she gave about her career and future plans.

You teamed up with Sycco and it was a collab that we never knew we needed! What made you want to work together?
Thank you! I’ve always wanted to work with Sycco, ever since I heard ‘Nicotine’ a couple of years ago. She’s a really special artist, the second we met I instantly had the feeling that we were gonna make something great. The energy was there and I just felt we were on the same page! Mind you the song was written over Zoom so to get that feeling so instantly is super rare! 

What does the song ‘Weakness’ mean to you? What do you hope fans take away from it?
‘Weakness’ is essentially a love song when you fall for someone and you’re waiting for them to catch up to you! But to me personally, also ‘Weakness’ is the start of a new chapter for me as a songwriter and producer. Exciting times!

Because of the pandemic, you worked on ‘Weakness’ with Sycco over Zoom. Have you gotten to meet since finishing the song?
Funnily enough, Sycco and I have never met in person due to the state border closures here in Australia due to COVID. Fingers crossed we will get the chance to play ‘Weakness’ live together one day.

Throughout the pandemic you’ve been able to work remotely with artists like Sycco, Odette, Bertie Blackman, and Georgia Maq, on both your Don’t Sleep album and on standalone singles. How does your creative process differ when you’re working over Zoom rather than in person?
Things can be much slower on Zoom. Firstly you are almost 10 seconds behind the other person, you can’t play things or sing along at the same time. It’s hard being on the same page, and it can sometimes take a while to get the stems from the other person so the whole session can stretch over several days. But what I do like about it is being able to just mute and work on and troubleshoot the song by yourself, without having to keep a section on loop for the other artist to write to, if that makes sense. 

‘Weakness’ has such a fun retro vibe and we love it! What inspired the sound?
What inspired me to get into music production in the first place was sampling old soul / Motown records. As I’ve grown as an artist and songwriter I’ve kinda explored a few genres but I feel like with this new chapter I’ve gone full circle and come back to what got me excited about making music in the first place, a super analog sound influenced by soul, psychedelic and funk. 

The music video for ‘Weakness’ draws from the same retro feel, while still feeling modern with cool neons and bold, yet comfy, fashion. What was it like on set? What was your favorite part to film?
We had to overcome a few hurdles COVID threw at us when shooting this music video, it almost didn’t happen really, but I’m so proud of what we managed to achieve! It was a pretty surreal experience being on set again, having makeup done and being in front of the camera, and all of that. My favorite part to shoot was the limo scene, I’ve actually never been in a limo before, so playing along to the song in a limo was super fun.

When you’re working on a song, do you usually know what direction you want to go in for the music video? How did the inspiration for the video come about?
Not always, to be honest. I kind of have a rough idea of what locations I see the video being shot in when writing a song, or what colors I see being prominent in the clip but when it comes to a story and narrative that always comes second to the music. 

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In your collaborations, you’ve focused on working with non-male artists to share your platform with those who might not have as much visibility in the music industry. What has it been like to give overlooked artists more of a spotlight?
Collaborating is such a special process, sharing a song with someone is another level of connection. I always like to keep the whole writing recording experience a safe and equal place. It’s such a privilege having shared many special moments and songs with such incredible artists since the start of my career. 

How do you think you’ve grown as an artist since releasing Don’t Sleep last year?
I’ve definitely grown into a more confident producer and songwriter. I think it must also be all the zoom sessions that have helped me learn to adapt and try different things to push the songwriting boundaries 

What can fans look forward to in 2022?
I’m relocating to LA early next year, so new music and shows are things to look forward to if all go to plan. I can’t wait for this next chapter!

Image Source: Aneta Urbonaite

Thank you so much to Alice Ivy for answering our questions! What do you think of ‘Weakness?’ Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Featured Image Source: Photo by Aneta Urbonaite. Edited by Afnan Acharki for THP.

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