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We’re Going To Be Talking About JC Stewart’s Headline Show For The ‘Rest Of My Life’

We’re Going To Be Talking About JC Stewart’s Headline Show For The ‘Rest Of My Life’

In London, we finally got to see JC Stewart on his tour after many canceled and rescheduled dates, and yes, we were very excited! For those of you who couldn’t make it, don’t worry – we’re recapping our experience so you can feel like you were right there with us.

We’re Kind Of Obsessed With Ellie and Her Kitchen Tunes

Opener Ellie Dixon gave us a fun, quirky set with songs like ‘Sucker,’ ‘CEO of Watching Television,’ and a live cover of her viral TikTok where she made her own verse to the iconic Britney Spears hit ‘Toxic.’

Ellie explained to us that she likes to make songs with household items as instruments and played us an original called ‘Saucepan’ using spoons and cups to create the sounds (all pre-recorded, of course!) She slowed down her set with a song called ‘Learn To Swim,’ which she explained is about anxiety and she jokingly said that it’s about both “physically and mentally learning how to swim,” as she can’t actually swim! 

We thoroughly enjoyed Ellie’s set and are expecting to hear big things from her in the future!

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey Pop

Neon Signs and Endless Energy

Then JC graced the stage with his bright neon sign behind him, and armed with his loop pedal, he began with ‘Like I Did,’ bringing us all the energy as he strummed away on his acoustic guitar. He stole our hearts playing his hits like ‘Break My Heart’ and ‘Rest of My Life’ – which he performed as a heartbreaking piano ballad with beautiful backing harmonies, thanks to his loop pedal!

The Northern Irish star rose to fame in 2020 when his parody of the Friends theme tune was shared by none other than Jennifer Aniston! Brb, we’re screaming! Since then, he’s been labeled a ‘Professional Sadboy,’ delivering consistent heartbreak anthems which pretty much reduce us to tears every time!

JC told us that he’d been on a European tour and when they’d arrived back in the U.K, his keyboard had been smashed by the airlines. He joked, saying “it’s a lovely surprise to keep us on our toes.” Luckily, they’d found another keyboard and we were treated to ‘Lying That You Love Me’ on said keyboard. 

Talking about his brand new single ‘Scars,’ JC said he wrote it about your failures making you who you are, not your successes. The crowd softly sang along and as he ended the show with ‘I Need You To Hate Me,’ everyone cheered and jumped up and down to the beat. 

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey Pop

But Wait, There’s More

Popping back onto the stage, JC confessed he hadn’t planned an encore but the persistent chants from the crowd meant he felt he had to do something for his adoring fans. So he sang a new, unreleased song he’d just written about his current girlfriend. He said he’d prefer singing off-mic, with only his guitar and the crowd was so quiet that we could have heard a pin drop, as he graced us with his beautifully haunting vocals about how he hates the space between him and his girlfriend when she isn’t around.

So there you have it: JC, his guitar, and a whole lot of heartbreaking ballads. Okay, we admit, there were more than a few upbeat bops in his setlist.

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Be sure to catch him on tour next time he’s performing near you, we promise you won’t want to miss it!

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