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Exclusive Interview: Aidan Bissett Has Listeners ‘Tripping Over Air’

Exclusive Interview: Aidan Bissett Has Listeners ‘Tripping Over Air’

Aidan Bissett

Our newest interviewee Aidan Bissett has created a name for himself by releasing the alt-pop heartbreak tracks that we absolutely love. Aidan also grew a following on TikTok, promoting his tracks while also poking fun at himself. Also, get this, he was signed to Captial Records while still in high school, which is no small feat.

Just recently, the star released track, ‘Tripping Over Air,’ which has gained him 925K views; impressive right? But that’s not all, he has his first EP, I’m Alright If You’re Okay, set for release October 7th, and guess what? We got the scoop on the track, as well as his upcoming EP, and ya know it isn’t a THP interview without lyrical questions. You can check out our interview with Aidan Bissett below!

Image Source: Aidan Bissett

Welcome Aidan! We here at The Honey Pop are so excited to finally be able to talk to you! How are you?!
I am doing so well! Super excited to finally have this body of work released into the world.

You have a lot of things coming up, but before we rush ahead, let’s talk about your most recent release ‘Tripping Over Air.’ We really love the concept behind the track, but are also really bummed out that it came from an irl situation. When it comes to writing about real-life stuff, do you just base the idea off it or the lyrics as well? Have there been other tracks of yours that are based on real-life situations that new listeners should check out?
I try to write mostly about situations that happen in my life. The lyrics were definitely about real things. Every once and a while I will write about things that aren’t related to me, but for the most part I like to write about real things that happen in my life. My most popular track ‘More Than Friends’ is a great track about love that I wrote about my first girlfriend I definitely think people should check out. Another one is the track ‘Worst Girls Of All Time.’ This song is about the first girl who cheated on me and I was so incredibly angry when writing this song. You can definitely hear the anger in my voice in this song, which I think is super fun to listen to.

 Our favorite lyrics from the track have to be “Is there something on your mind ’cause / You’re the only thing on mine” because it is a complete opposite of the feeling of the rest of the track, what is your favorite line from the track?
My favorite line is honestly the first line “I hear you talking in your sleep again, you’re holding onto something real” because it explains how the subconscious feelings and desires can show through a person when they are trying to hide them. This girl I was with was starting to show her true colors without realizing it.

Speaking of lyrics, as time goes by, does writing lyrics come easier or does it depend on the idea of the song? And while we’re on the topic of lyrics, have there been lyrics from an artist that you wish you wrote?
I think it honestly depends. Some topics are more complicated than others which require more intricate lyrics. I feel like my lyricism has definitely improved over the past few years, but I still have a lot of learning to do! I honestly wish I wrote the song “Evergreen” by Omar Apollo. That song is incredible.

Okay, so you have your EP, I’m Alright If You’re Okay coming out October 7th, which we are super excited about! How long did it take you to put together the whole EP?
It took around 8 months to really get it perfect!

Which track took the longest, and which should listeners keep an ear out for?
The slow song on the ep ‘A Song For Her’ was the track that took the longest. There are so many instruments playing throughout this song including a full string section. We took months to get the mix on this song perfect. We were super particular about the levels of each instrument because we wanted to make sure that if we were using a full string section it would all blend together. I would definitely say keep an ear out for this song because it’s a side of me that no one has heard yet. It’s a heartbreaking song that showcases a different side of my voice and cinematic production.

Gif Source: Tenor

Apart from releasing singles, and an upcoming EP, you’re also going on tour alongside The Greeting Committee and you’re going to some really cool spots. What is the thing you’re most looking forward to when it comes to touring? Have you looked up places you want to visit when in these cities?
The thing I’m looking forward to most is honestly just being on stage. I LOVE putting on a show for people. The stage is where I feel most comfortable and when I see everyone dancing together it’s the most incredible feeling in the world. I’m most excited about going to Texas because I haven’t played shows there yet and honestly haven’t really visited there before. I know the barbecue is supposed to be good there so I’m excited to try it!

Have you thought of what’s going to be on your setlist? Will we be hearing some of your first hits?
Yes of course! Obviously I will be playing my EP, but how can I not play songs like ‘More Than Friends’ or ‘Communication?’

We’ve had ‘Tripping Over Air’ stuck on our “On Repeat” playlist, what tracks have you had on repeat?
The entirety of Djo’s new album DECIDE. Every song on there is INCREDIBLE! The synth work is similar to Tame Impala with some obvious talking heads inspiration as well. It’s such a unique and refreshing style of music.

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What can we expect from Aidan Bissett for the remainder of 2022?
More shows, and who knows maybe a few more songs too!

We can’t wait to hear I’m Alright If You’re Okay, if you’re just as excited, make sure you pre-save it here!

Image Source: Aidan Bissett

What did you think about ‘Tripping Over Air?’ Has this interview made you a fan of the artist? Let us know in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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