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Exclusive Interview & Live Session: Gretchin Talks ‘Petals On The Dash’ And Their ‘Coffee’ Order!

Exclusive Interview & Live Session: Gretchin Talks ‘Petals On The Dash’ And Their ‘Coffee’ Order!

Honey bees, we’ve got some seriously good news for you! It’s time for our latest exclusive interview and live session! This time with the extraordinarily lovely Gretchin. Gretchin is one of our fave rising artists at the moment, and they deserve to be one of yours too!

Gretchin has had a year of rebirth, releasing music that sounds like nothing she’s done before, and it’s clearly paying off; they sound better than ever! With tracks like ‘Petals On The Dash’ and ‘Coffee’ Gretchin is one of the most honest and relatable artists on our radar, and you need to get on board ASAP.

If we’re not convincing you, we’re sure that Gretchin will be able to! Here at THP HQ, we can’t believe our luck – not only did Gretchin take the time to talk to us in an interview, but she also recorded a live session exclusively for THP alongside her brother, who works with them on their music!

It was an honor to chat with Gretchin about her recording processes, the nuances of their work, and (most importantly) how they drink their tea, all in this interview!

Gretchin’s THP Exclusive Interview:

Congratulations on the release of ‘Coffee (Voice Memo)!’ How did you decide that this would be the next song you’d release as a single?
Thank you so much! I think the song is so sweet and diddy. It just feels like the end of summer and beginning of autumn to me. It felt like the perfect interlude song to transition to some of the bigger tracks I have coming. 

Image Source: Soy Prabhawat

We love that the song was literally recorded as a voice memo on your phone. Do your songs often start out that way, or was this a unique creative experience for you?
Almost always! Every time I have an idea it goes straight into my voice memos and notes app. My brother and I played through ‘Coffee’ and recorded it on my phone as a demo like we usually do, then when we listened back we were like “hey this sounds kind of perfect for this song.” We didn’t think it really needed anything else, it just sounded very pure and sweet. 

This might be a bit of a cheesy question, but seeing as you drink tea rather than coffee, what’s your go-to order?
I love a black english breakfast tea. No milk, no sugar. Nothing cheers me up more!

2022 seems to have been a year of rebirth for you! Can you tell us a bit about what it has been like to re-introduce yourself to the music scene this year?
It has been so cathartic! I was definitely a little nervous at first, but I also had little to no expectations since it had been quite a while since my last release. But this new wave of releasing music has felt so different in the best way. I feel so much more myself, and I think that just makes all anxiety drop away, and you can really have fun with it.

Your song ‘Petals On The Dash’ is an archetypal coming-of-age song. What other coming-of-age songs were you in love with growing up?
Ooo amazing question. Probably The Wombats Let’s Dance To Joy Division, The Smiths This Charming Man, Paramore Ain’t It Fun… I could go on forever!

You’ve said that you want people to dance in their kitchen to ‘Petals On The Dash.’ In that case, where and how do you imagine fans listening to ‘Coffee (Voice Memo)?’
Definitely on a crisp autumn walk!

Arguably our favorite thing about your music is your honesty – at times, the lyrics are so relatable it’s almost brutal. Are there times when it’s hard to find the courage to be so honest in your work?
Ah thank you so much. I definitely used to be writing and thinking “No I can’t say that, that person will know it’s about them.” But as time has gone on I don’t really think about the song ever being heard while I’m writing it, which means I am as honest as possible. I think the fact that I now make music with my brother, someone who I trust completely and who knows me so well has made it so much easier to be painfully honest. 

Your music spans so many genres. Are there any influences or sounds that you haven’t tried yet that you’d like to?
I really want to lean into some more heavy rock sounding stuff… soon I think.  

You seem to have a very clear sense of your own style. Who or what inspires your fashion choices?
I take inspiration from a lot of films, I tend to get quite obsessed with the costumes of any new film I watch. But some of my all time style icons are Diane Keaton, Patti Smith and Alexa Chung.

We already can’t wait for 2023, as we hear through the grapevine that we can expect a brand-new EP from you! Can you give us a tip about what to expect from the release?
Yes! Falling in love, heartbreak, and existential crisis! All blended up with all the sounds I grew up on, so I think it feels very nostalgic. 

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As 2022 is (somehow) slowly coming to an end, what else can we look forward to from you in 2023? And what’s been the highlight from 2022 so far?
Lots more music and bigger shows! I am currently putting a full band together to perform these new songs, which I am so excited about. My highlight of 2022 so far has definitely been coming back to music and sharing that with people. Seeing people enjoy ‘Petals on the Dash’ the way I had been was really a huge highlight for me.

We know there are plenty more highlights to come too! We cannot wait to see what’s next for Gretchin, and you bet we’ll be fighting for tickets to any shows next year. Thanks so much to Gretchin for taking the time to chat with us for this interview!

Gretchin’s THP Live Session:

Isn’t ‘Coffee’ just the perfect fall track? Hope you enjoyed this THP Exclusive!

What do you think of ‘Coffee’ and ‘Petals On The Dash?’ Let us know all your thoughts! You can hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. We’re also over on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more interviews like this one in your life? Here you go, honey!


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