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5 Confident & Empowering Lyrics We Love From Ava Max’s Diamonds & Dancefloors

5 Confident & Empowering Lyrics We Love From Ava Max’s Diamonds & Dancefloors

Is there ever a time that an Ava Max song won’t make your mood do a total 180, whether it’s lifting you up when you’re having a bad day or helping you feel less alone in something that’s bothering you? We think not, especially with her latest studio album, Diamonds & Dancefloors. She touches on so many difficult experiences on this record but ultimately chooses to stay loving and positive. Amen to that!

Whether you need a little motivation or just a cute Instagram caption for your latest selfies, Diamonds & Dancefloors has you covered. Here are some of our favorite lyrics Ava blessed us with on the project!


“She turns tears to diamonds…”

As the first song on Diamonds & Dancefloors, ‘Million Dollar Baby’ really sets the tone for the lessons we’re gonna learn throughout the album! Later on, Ava touches on heartbreak and infidelity, so you could argue that this lyric is really the defining statement of the project. She’s taking everything that hurt her during this period of her life and turning it into something shiny and impactful that can help others dealing with something similar. 

“So call me karma for the hearts you broke, what goes around comes back to kick down your door…”

With ‘Sleepwalker,’ Ava paints herself as a siren of sorts that will entice someone only to leave them lonely by themselves, but there’s a twist! She’s their karma for hurting others in the past, bringing them the heartbreak they forced upon others. We love the elusive confidence she puts forward in this song, and it’s always kinda comforting to know karma will catch up with the ones who have wronged you.

“It’s time that you learned a lesson, my love is gonna drown you out…”

So many lyrics from ‘Weapons’ blow us away, but we think this line is a great representation of the song’s main themes and how Ava chooses love and peace over anger and pain throughout the album. At the end of the day, moving with love in your heart will be the best option to keep your life on the right track. Why hold a major grudge when they can be so heavy?? Positivity is the move!

“Am I the only girl you dream about? Just say you’re mine…”

Throughout ‘In The Dark,’ Ava is confronting a flaky guy who she knows has true feelings for her, and she’s wondering why he won’t show them. But one of the big things we love about this song is that she never puts herself down in the process! She knows her worth and isn’t gonna devalue herself because of someone else’s opinion. 

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“Turn off the lights and stare at the stars, they could be yours right now…”

The last lyric we wanted to spotlight is from ‘Turn Off The Lights!’ Sometimes you just get distracted by the noise and chaos around you, and it might discourage you from following your dreams. But if you block out that noise and return your focus to the prize, it makes it easier to work for your goals! You shouldn’t let anything stop you, even if it’s a seemingly huge obstacle like a major heartbreak – if Ava can keep going and turn an awful experience into a masterpiece, you can, too, in your own way.

So we’ve told you our favorite Diamonds & Dancefloors lyrics, and now we wanna hear yours! Let us know in the comments below, or hit the dancefloor with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Ava Max content – because who wouldn’t want more Ava in their life? – click here.


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