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Dive Into The Retrospection Of You Me at Six’s Truth Decay

Dive Into The Retrospection Of You Me at Six’s Truth Decay

Truth or dare? Except it’s actually just us speaking our truth about how much we love You Me at Six’s new album Truth Decay. It’s no secret that our THP hive loves You Me at Six. We were obsessed with their last release SUCKAPUNCH, as well as all the singles leading up to Truth Decay.

Now that we’ve finally had time to sit with the album and really get a chance to appreciate every song, we, of course, have to share our thoughts with you. YMAS’ sound has matured throughout their career, and you can really hear that on Truth Decay, but this album is also full of callbacks to YMAS eras past, sonically, that is. The band took to Twitter for a Truth Decay listening party and talked about some of these tracks and their ties to previous eras, as well as the meaning behind a lot of the songs on the album.

Lead singer Josh Franceschi says that this album draws inspiration from “not only our peers in the period of 2006-2012 but also our own records from then as well.” It really is a retrospective album, looking at how far the band has come. It’s also an “honest depiction of my equilibrium and I,” according to Josh, which makes sense seeing as how it touches on themes of growing up, finding your self-worth, and everything in between.

We thought it would be fun to share some of their listening party tweets about our highlight tracks with you. Who better to talk about Truth Decay than YMAS themselves?

‘Mixed Emotions’

‘Mixed Emotions’ really makes you feel all the emotions, especially knowing it’s about the band we all love so much. There’s something special about songs detailing a band’s journey and relationship with each other, and you can really hear the emotion that went into ‘Mixed Emotions.’

‘God Bless The 90s Kids’

It’s the band’s collective favorite. It’s low-key, probably ours too. ‘God Bless The 90s Kids’ feels anthemic and empowering, like the type of song that would go hard in a live setting with everyone singing along. The rest of this Twitter thread talks about how this song is the result of them combining sounds from Hold Me Down, Sinners Never Sleep, and Cavalier Youth and bringing them into the Truth Decay era. We think they did a great job because ‘God Bless The 90s Kids’ really does sound like the best parts of YMAS coming out to shine.


SUCKAPUNCH stans unite. ‘Breakdown’ really does have that edgy, pent-up anger energy, like it could be part of YMAS’ latest album, but we love that we got it as part of Truth Decay because it blends the sounds of these two albums together really well. Talk about range, right? One of the things we love about YMAS is how they’ve developed their sound over time, no two songs sound exactly alike, but all their tracks have that touch of YMAS that reminds you why they’re so great. Also, this song really embodies that “it is what it is” energy. Sometimes you’re gonna have that breakdown, and you gotta embrace it.


‘heartLESS’ is also definitely a favorite of ours, both lyrically and sonically. It’s about the idea of falling in love with someone new but not being quite out of love with the person you’re leaving behind. You can really hear the intensity of the emotions in this track, too, “you know I’m not heartless, my heart is just a mess.” Feelings are hard, and this track captures the stickiness of that situation, the lamentations of a person trying to move forward and move on. And we love the production on this track. The soaring notes of the chorus really drive the emotion home.

More songs that we want to highlight include ‘A Love Letter To Those Who Feel Lost,’ ‘Ultraviolence,’ ‘DEEP CUTS,’ and…well, actually, we’re probably going to end up listing the entire album, so we’ll just stop here. Go stream Truth Decay right now to listen to the rest, and if you want to read more about the tracks, check out the rest of the band’s tweets from the listening party because there are so many gems there.

Let us know what your favorite tracks off Truth Decay are in the comments below, or come buzz about it on Twitter or the rest of our socials.

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