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5 Things To Do While Waiting In The Lumineers Pit Queue For Their BRIGHTSIDE World Tour

5 Things To Do While Waiting In The Lumineers Pit Queue For Their BRIGHTSIDE World Tour

We’re not the only ones with the mental visualization of our hands touching the metal railing, snagging that most-prized ‘barrier shot’ for the Gram. In fact, waiting for our idols to prance across the stage as if they’re now performing for a guest list of one is truly our only goal in life. It’s our little treat after dealing with the process of buying the general admission ticket, watching the waiting room numbers decrease until it is our turn, and that’s not only on one device but our mobile, guardian’s iPad, and even siblings’ Xbox. We’re nothing if not inventful! The sore point comes in the afterthought of getting from a to b. What about the long-winding hours? Will our butts hurt after sitting on concrete all day? Can the person behind us save our spot if we have to go to the restroom? We hear you, so we’ve decided to help you, The Lumineers fans, out!

For their upcoming encore of the highly adored BRIGHTSIDE World Tour, we’ve curated a list of five things to do while watching the hourly countdown. The tour starts on August 16 at Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor, ME, and ends in the city of angles, where most musicians’ dreams capture its spotlight at the Hollywood Bowl on September 15. Of course, we don’t have to speak about how historic these venues are, do we? Regardless, we’ll go on. They’ll be in such picturesque outdoor amphitheaters that you’ll want to turn your ‘barrier shot’ into an actual photo dump! While general public tickets won’t go on sale until March 10th, which is a short time away, hopefully, you can find one time-wasting activity to pocket for now.

Curate A Setlist

For this first one, we’re completely covering our eyes from any social media spoilers if your show isn’t opening night, of course, and instead hitting our dreaming boards to manifest the perfect setlist. Whether you’re a ‘BIG SHOT’ girlie or prefer coasting on the most peaceful ivory-keyed ‘ROLLERCOASTER,’ you typically have 15 song slots to fill. Though this is the BRIGHTSIDE tour, we will certainly be sampling from their other albums. Some songs are just classics deserving a celebration in a lit-up room of cameras swaying. We’re looking at ‘Cleopatra!’ Will there be any guest performers—maybe calling in some of The Lumineers’ high-profiled fans, such as Niall Horan or P!NK. You get to decide; this is your wishlist, after all. 

Royal Flush

Sure, there’s usually a cloakroom, but sometimes it’s better to not rely on them and instead carry around a small bag, and what can usually fit into that tweeny-weeny bag is a deck of cards. It’s already a good time-waster by playing the simple games of Go Fish or Poker, but combine them with a The Lumineers-themed twist, and you’re going to have the whole line wishing they could join in the next round. This requires you to get really creative, though. Your starting grounds could be designating a card to each song, so, for example, the queen of hearts could be ‘Angela.’ Then by following the rules of Snap, when another of the same kind pops up, you have to sing some of the song lyrics to pass it as a win instead of saying Snap as you naturally would. 

A YouTube Binge

So you’re already upset that you’re missing out on your zs, having woken up pretty early to stand in the queue, and therefore would prefer to laze around? We’re with you. Hence YouTube’s going to be your bestie. We’re thinking of The Lumineers’ tour diary from the previous BRIGHTSIDE dates, cycling through their music videos, and ending with some interviews. Just make sure to either bring an extra portable phone charger with you or seek after an on-site charger before you arrive so that you can later spend your battery taking really close-up videos of Wesley Schultz.

The Lumineers-Inspired Jewelry

This one’s for all of you fashionistas who moonlight as The Lumineers fans. What’s better than having the title of a song from their discography that’s meaningful to you around your wrist as a cute, chunky bracelet? Giving it to one of them if you can, or you know, us, you can send one to us too. We’d really love a ‘Stubborn Love’ one if inquiring. Head down to your local craft store to purchase a box of graphic letter beads (you can purchase this one-off SHEIN) and make some bracelets in the line. The warning with this one does come with making sure that you have somewhere to put the beads before you go down to the floor. 

Banner Time

Finally, if your venue allows banners (please be considerate of those around you when it comes time to hold it up), bring some permanent markers and cardboard to make yours when in the queue. You could even make it a group activity with those around you by having it be a petition such as “sing insert song title here” and then having those around you sign the banner in agreement. It also works as a cute souvenir to bring home from the show, as those fans are now considered your The Lumineers’ family. 


While nothing can beat the atmospheric rush of being in the pit, don’t worry. We have those who would rather have a secured seat taken care of as well. If you haven’t already, look at joining the BRIGHTSIDE Tour Club, where you can gain exclusive access to tickets purely by being in their fan club. Additionally, the Hollywood Bowl has slotted in a traveling package alongside VIP tickets across the other venues for those traveling a longer distance. 

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The Lumineers will also again collaborate with the non-profit REVERB, whose mission is to reduce the environmental footprint. They’ll fund a REVERB-vetted climate project portfolio, and if you’d like to help donate, there’ll be a REVERB Action Village pop-up at every show. 

What’re your tips for helping survive the queue for pit? Let us know over on our socials, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


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