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If You Love ‘Mimi’s Delivery Service,’ Here Are 3 More Good Kid Songs You Need To Hear

If You Love ‘Mimi’s Delivery Service,’ Here Are 3 More Good Kid Songs You Need To Hear

Okay, honeybees, we have a new favorite band to introduce you to! Good Kid is a group from Toronto with music that’s reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party, and a bit of the Arctic Monkeys. Consisting of lead vocalist Nick Frosst, guitarists David Wood and Jacob Tsafatinos, bassist Michael Kozakov, and drummer Jon Kereliuk, the band’s music is upbeat and happy – there’s something that makes us feel so good when we listen to Good Kid.

Known for building an interactive aspect with their fans, Good Kid have created their own video game, have a Discord server, and have made their music DMCA-free (meaning people can use their music in streams/videos without repercussions). We love the community the band has built and we think so many more people should be a part of it!

‘Mimi’s Delivery Service’

Their most recent release, ‘Mimi’s Delivery Service,’ is upbeat, with influences of J-pop and indie pop coursing throughout the song. The lyrics follow a narrative, talking about Mimi, who is having a hard time and not letting anyone in. It’s an interesting juxtaposition – the happy melody and the lyrics alluding to some dark feelings. The guitar solo is perfectly placed in the bridge, and the song closes with the instrumentals fading out and Nick singing, “I can’t tell you why.”

If you love ‘Mimi’s Delivery Service’ as much as we do, we have three more Good Kid song recs below that will feel right at home on your playlist!


If you’re just getting into Good Kid, this is another great place to start. It’s one of their most popular songs, and for good reason. The guitars on ‘Nomu’ are particularly lively, and the bass pattering along in the background makes the song so melodic and smooth. A song to bop your head to unapologetically! The lyrics are poetic and the chorus is so catchy. We feel like we need to roll down the car windows and let the sun hit our faces when we listen to this song.

‘No Time To Explain’

This song is a bit different from Good Kid’s apparent style – it’s a bit funkier with off-beat drums, and the melody is a bit faster. One of their newest releases, it delves into a nice indie-pop that stays true to themselves while still adding new elements to their music. The rhythm of the song works so well, and the lyrics glide over the top of the instrumentals with ease. The song is uplifting and positive, making it a great song for a pick-me-up!

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Nick Frosst shines on this song, with his vocal capabilities shining from the very beginning! The tempo is fast, the rhythm and melody keeping up with guitar licks and a funky bass. The chorus plays with the tempo and rhythm, small stabs between notes accentuating the beat. The poeticism of Good Kid’s lyrics is well-featured on ‘Slingshot!’

Found even more songs that you love by Good Kid that we don’t mention? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop letting us know what you think of their other tracks! Looking for some more music recommendations? Check these out.


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