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When Saturn Takes Over The Universe —AKA We Went To Jeff Satur’s BKK Concert

When Saturn Takes Over The Universe —AKA We Went To Jeff Satur’s BKK Concert

Jeff Satur Live on Saturn First solo concert in BKK Bangkok

Jeff Satur took over Royal Paragon Hall in the heart of Bangkok, and we are extremely lucky and honored to say that we were among the ocean of Saturdayss (or SATs) on March 19th! Besides local fans and celebrities, international fans from all around the world were also ready to celebrate this special day with Jeff. Several of them dressed in different shades of purple and levanter as if it was the official uniform for JEFF SATUR LIVE ON SATURN: FIRST SOLO CONCERT IN BANGKOK.🪐 If humankind ever takes over Saturn, it can only happen in levanter-colored spacesuits. We hope you are listening, NASA.👩‍🚀

Live On Saturn in BKK

Jeff Satur’s latest release dropped just three days ahead of the concert, so we were not surprised that the Thai version of ‘Dum Dum(ดึมดึม)’ showed up so early in the setlist. And we were definitely dazed by its stage version. With the grandness of the chess-themed show, we knew we were up for a night of quality production!

Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Music Thailand

With the following song, Jeff proved that he is more than capable of taking up the whole space all by himself as well. Stan an artist who can do both! 💁‍♀️ His voice alone was enough to fill up the space and leave the entire audience in awe and goosebumps. Hearing ‘Stranger’ live was most definitely a bucket list moment for many of us in that hall. And even the ropes were not able to ‘Steal The Show’ from Jeff, who broke out in yet another grand moment as a true rock star.

Okay, we all knew that Jeff has an amazing voice. But SATS?! It sounded incredible when close to 5000 people took over ‘วันนี้คือพรุ่งนี้ของเมื่อวาน (Loop)’ in the audience. This was one of the first moments that let our overwhelming pride take over our excitement. We soaked in every second and will forever remember this moment filled up with the first waves of the Ground Control Sticks. (Jeff Satur’s official lightstick that was first available for pickup on the day of the concert).

Jeff Satur Live on Saturn First Solo Concert in BKK Bangkok - courtesy of Warner Music Thailand
Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Music Thailand

How Jeff Satur Stands Out

Jeff Satur has a sound that can be (and is on its way to being) globally loved. But with the way he chooses to stick to his unique color (💜🪐), instead of blending into the ocean of mainstream artists out there, he stands out. He is not one of many, he is one of a kind. He brings a new and exceptional style to the music industry that is purely him. Partly because he doesn’t stick to a particular genre, partly because he’s a great storyteller. And another big part is the fact that he embraces his Thai roots even when he creates for an international audience.

That’s why it made us incredibly excited when we saw him bring out a phin, a traditional Thai mandolin, on stage, and used it to turn into a rock star yet again. Wow, just astonishing. By the way, his new track, ‘Dum Dum(ดึมดึม),’ also opens with him playing a riff on this instrument. (Yes, we just intentionally gave you a great excuse to give this track a listen again and again, you’re welcome.)

Surprise Guests That Were Actually A Surprise

When is it that surprise guests are actually a surprise? Let’s be honest, you can mostly guess who’s gonna show up on stage next to your fave. And we all just pretend to be surprised to go with the flow—which to be fair, never takes away from the excitement. But things work differently on Saturn’s atmosphere…We were 100% surprised by both guests. Neither of them was someone from our guess list and oh boy, we love surprises like this!

Joey Phuwasit fired up the stage with more phin riffs. Let’s just say, these two are definitely not your typical rock stars.🔥 Meanwhile, the performance with MILLI allowed us to see both Jeff and MILLI in a way we rarely have a chance. These two will turn Thai artists into the next big music phenomenon. There, we said it!

A Little Spice

The way SATS are always hyping Jeff up, he is also our ultimate ‘Hype Boy.’ It was kinda hard not to jump off our seats and join the dance. 🫣 The only moment our residential shy boy showed any sign of shyness on the stage, was after popping the “I love you” hand gesture 🤟 toward the audience and running off the stage bashful. Just to return and perform ‘Unholy’ with extreme confidence! The hot—and of course rock-infused—cover then smoothly transitioned into ‘Comedy,’ one of our all-time favorite tracks from Jeff.

And while we are talking about “spice,” we also got to give a huge shoutout to the band who gave an incredible base to the entire event. Not just during the songs, but also filling up the intersections and setting the mood even when Jeff was talking to the audience.

Dreams Do Come True (And Our Tears Finally Fall)

One of these talking moments turned the tables. And instead of us listening to Jeff, he was presented with a fan project VTR video filled with messages from SATS all over the world. Including some throwbacks to look back at his journey, and moments of younger Jeff talking about his dream!

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“If I’m asked what is the greatest dream in my life? I would like to have my own concert. If that day really happens, I really want everyone coming too.”

Jeff Satur Live On Saturn First Solo Concert in BKK Bangkok
Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Music Thailand

Just weeks before his 10th debut anniversary, this dream came true. The dream that we were attending at that very moment. If you ever worked hard for something through ups and downs, to finally achieve it, you know how overwhelming it is. And witnessing it happen to someone you’ve been rooting for is just as special. Needless to say, we felt incredibly proud. And we were definitely not the only ones as we saw SATS around us passing tissues to one another.🥲 You’ve made it happen, Jeff, and SATS are more than ready to stand by you on the way to the realization of your next dreams!

Calendars Marked, Memories Engraved

March 19 was marked in many many calendars, and the date is now definitely engraved within all of us. Before coming back for an encore with ‘Far’ and ‘Why Don’t You Stay,’ Jeff Satur closed his main setlist with his hit song ‘ลืมไปแล้วว่าลืมยังไง (Fade),’ and all we can say is that…we’ll never let this concert’s memories “fade away, away” for sure.

What were your favorite moments from the concert? Or tell us what other cities you think Jeff should add to his list by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or joining the conversation on Facebook and Instagram. Who knows, he might come close to you next time! And we hope you’ll get to be there🪐🤟💜


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