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PREMIERE: We’re Praying You Love BabyJake’s ‘Gambler’s Prayer’ As Much As We Do!

PREMIERE: We’re Praying You Love BabyJake’s ‘Gambler’s Prayer’ As Much As We Do!

Anyone who says rock & roll is dead clearly hasn’t heard of BabyJake, but we’re so grateful that we have! Jake is finally unveiling his latest masterpiece in the form of ‘Gambler’s Prayer,’ and it’s such an honor to be premiering the song to introduce you to his talent. The track has that classic rock & roll vibe we know and love, reminiscent of artists like the Rolling Stones and The Eagles, with a uniquely edgy flair that only Jake could give us.

And not only are we getting to premiere ‘Gambler’s Prayer,’ but we also got to interview BabyJake about the song, his upcoming festival sets, how he’s grown as an artist, and more! Check out the premiere of ‘Gambler’s Prayer’ below, then keep reading to learn all about it.

Hi BabyJake, congrats on your new single, ‘Gambler’s Prayer!’ What does the song mean to you, and how does it feel to finally share it with fans?
Man, it’s the best feeling in the world to share new music… From the process of creating the music all the way to releasing the music, I love every bit of it. As far as the meaning of the song goes – it’s open for interpretation truly. A lot of it is me talking to myself about my own problems & issues, but there is a whole 3rd person element to it as well.

‘Gambler’s Prayer’ has so many clever lyrics, with one of our favorites being “I see the tissues, but I don’t see the blood.” Is there a certain line from the song that you’re especially proud of?
Yes. My particular favorite is “I’ve seen shadows in the moonlight, men with no eyes, women too. If I don’t steer left this ship will swing right, swing right in to you.”

You’ve said that ‘Gambler’s Prayer’ feels like “a song in which [you] keep calling [your]self out on [your] own bullsh*t” – is it hard for you to be that vulnerable in your music, or does it come naturally to you?
Nowadays it comes very naturally. It used to be hard & I used to want to put on an image. I’ve realized at this point – I am who I am. You either like me or ya don’t. I’ve began to write very honestly in my music & this is the proudest I’ve ever been from a songwriting point of view.

You’ve found massive success with your 2019 debut single, ‘Cigarettes On Patios,’ which has earned over 137 million Spotify streams! Has there ever been a sense of pressure to match the song’s popularity since then, or have you focused on moving forward into new territory?
Of course, there is always pressure. I am competitive, I want to one-up myself constantly till the day I croak. But I have definitely taken a new direction in music & will be sticking with a live music/alternative/rock & roll sound primarily moving forward.

Speaking of ‘Cigarettes On Patios,’ the song talks about a pretty legendary night sliding from party to party. Has there been a certain night or memory from your career that really stood out to you as an “I made it” moment?
Not really. In my eyes, I still haven’t made it. I’ve started, but then I got lost in the game of it all & fast forward 4 years later, I finally have a good head on my shoulders again. Check back in a year or two, maybe then i’ll have “made it!!!”

We also love your recent single ‘We Got To Get Together To Be Free,’ which raised awareness for the scary number of anti-LGBT bills popping up in America. What has it been like for you to get to use your platform for such an important cause?
It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to make a statement within music. It’s one of those rare cases where people actually listen & take in what you are saying (Most of the time). I want to write more music that has deeper meaning & lyrics related to current and/or past events.

Over the years, you’ve worked with amazing artists like 24kGoldn, Lizzy McAlpine, Bipolar Sunshine, and more! Who would be your dream collaborator, whether it’s for a new song or for a remix of ‘Gambler’s Prayer?’
The Rolling Stones (If they are still alive)… I think it would be cool to work with Charley Crockett, or Yola as well. I like Kurt Vile, too, & Dan Aaurbach from The Black Keys. There’s a ton but that’s a good starting point. I also still love electronic music & plan to feature within that realm as well. I’m still open to anything, it’s just my personal solo project that will stay “Rock & Roll” for whatever the hell that means!

How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist since releasing your debut album, The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now, in 2021?
I’ve found my signature sound now. I am also more consistent in the sonics & writing & mood of my music. TSWUEN was more of a “throw everything together & see what works” type of record. I still think it had great songs on it, but the label & myself at that point were growing a bit of distance & I think that album got lost in translation… But it also wasn’t 100% the true me. This new music is.

You’ll be playing a few festivals this spring and summer, and we’re so excited to see what you have in store during those sets! How do you prepare for a show and pick the perfect setlist?
Generally, I pick a setlist for a specific timeframe. This spring/summer, it’s been pretty much the same setlist at every show, give or take a couple minor changes or length of the set we get to play. But I’ll always switch it up, starting at the beginning of every tour cycle. As far as preparation goes – A cup of tea, some good healthy food about 2 hours prior, and some body stretching/warmups. I’ve gotten to the point (at 26 years old) where I realize if I want to be one of the best at this & compete with the best, I need to be in tip-top shape consistently all year round… so I slowed down a ton on drinking and I don’t drink at all before shows anymore. Honestly, when I go on a proper tour again (hopefully in fall), I will not drink at all. It is just impossible for me to be at my best unless I am sober. I sound better, my oxygen levels are better, I feel better… it’s a newer thing but I love it.

At THP, we’re all about discovering new talent and finding the next big hit before it blows up. Who are some up-and-coming artists you’re digging lately?
Ah, this is too hard for me to answer. I listen to too much old stuff & not enough new. Most of the people I would have said to this question have already had success by now & are doing the damn thing! I’ll have to think on this one, considering I’m on a plane right now without proper wifi, I can’t check my Spotify!!!

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What can your fans look forward to in the rest of 2023?
More music. A lot more. An album in July. A BIG feature with 2 lovely artists whom I love. Another feature with a new artist whom I love. I guess he works for the prior question: his name is Andrey Azizov… very talented graphic designer who is also a producer & songwriter & is a lovely human! Also I will do a headlining tour nationwide… I can’t announce it yet, but it’s coming! Also more merch!!! An acoustic EP taking it all the way back to my Jake Herring roots as well.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention or say to your fans that the questions didn’t touch on?
Well, Aren’t We Ever Gunna Be More Than Friends?

New life goal: being best friends with BabyJake! Thank you so much to Jake for answering our questions and giving us a song as special as ‘Gambler’s Prayer.’ We’ll definitely have it on repeat!

Now we wanna hear from you! What do you think of ‘Gambler’s Prayer?’ What’s your favorite song from BabyJake? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more sweet interviews, click here.


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