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Listen To Taylor Swift’s Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition) For Good ‘Karma!’

Listen To Taylor Swift’s Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition) For Good ‘Karma!’

If you’re anything like us at THP, you’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s Midnights album around the clock and staying up so late that midnights have, in fact, become your afternoons. That’s been our reality since October, and between Midnights listening parties and keeping up with her mind-blowing Eras Tour shows, we’ve virtually been on non-stop Taylor Swift lockdown! But if the ‘Miss Americana’ opener on tour is any indication – “it’s you and me, that’s my whole world” – she certainly knows how special this time in her career has been to us. So she’s giving back with Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)! 

This special digital deluxe edition of Midnights features three new and semi-new tracks, and we’re buzzing even just thinking about it, so let’s dive right in. First off: you know her, you love her. The one and only ‘Hits Different’ is finally available on streaming! No more needing to run to your car just to play your Target CD, because now you can experience the discomfort of picturing your crush with other girls in love and throwing up on the street from the comfort of your room. 

Swiftie Twitter was in shambles the day Lana Del Rey admitted she only sang backing vocals on ‘Snow On The Beach’ because she thought another artist would be featured on the second verse. But all is right in the world now, because Taylor got Lana back on for ‘Snow On The Beach’ (feat. More Lana Del Rey)! This time around, Lana gets the second verse and chorus, as well as more of the final chorus and outro. The results are simply heavenly and we adore both versions of the song!

If you’ve been lucky enough to see a show at the Eras Tour already, then you’re well acquainted with Taylor’s love for Ice Spice – her song ‘In Ha Mood’ plays in the stadium a little while before Taylor takes the stage. She took that love to a new level with a new remix of ‘Karma,’ featuring none other than Ice Spice! We knew this collab would be iconic as soon as we heard Ice Spice’s opening “karma is that girl, like” line, and her verse later on just cemented it. It’s such a fun spin on Taylor’s original ideas with a little spice that only Ice could deliver.

Collaborating with Ice Spice on ‘Karma’ was one of the most natural things. She reached out through her team, just kind of saying, “hey, you know, Ice has been a big fan of Taylor since she was a little kid. We’d love to collaborate if that was ever something that came about.” And I had been listening to her nonstop, like, getting ready for my tour, I was just listening to Ice Spice constantly. So I immediately got her number and said, “hey, would you wanna do your version of ‘Karma?’ Do you relate to this?” And so she jumped in head first, and getting to know her has been so special because I’m blown away by her.

Taylor Swift to Spotify

But the Til Dawn release isn’t the only trick Taylor has up her sleeve – if you’ll be at her Eras Tour shows in East Rutherford, New Jersey this weekend, you’ll have the chance to pick up Midnights (The Late Night Edition) with your merch! It’s a show-exclusive CD that features the standard tracklist, the new versions of ‘Karma’ and ‘Snow On The Beach,’ and all the 3am songs aside from ‘Glitch’ and ‘Paris.’ Yeah, we’re pretty upset to lose those tracks, but she’s making it up to us with one more surprise: ‘You’re Losing Me,’ a song from the Midnights vault that made us cry our eyes out then lose our minds! 

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If you’re going to the MetLife concerts and want a little extra good ‘Karma,’ it’d be really sweet of you to grab us a copy of the CD… 👀

Now, let’s discuss! Which of the new additions to Midnights is your favorite? Which song on Midnights would you love to hear a remix of, and who would you want to feature on it? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more of the sweetest Taylor content around, click here.


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