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Exclusive Interview: Echosmith Is Back With Bittersweet Single, ‘Sour’

Exclusive Interview: Echosmith Is Back With Bittersweet Single, ‘Sour’

We are back with another incredible interview and we are so stoked that it’s with Echosmith! Now we have been major fans of them since their debut and they just announced their self-titled album is coming, along with releasing an incredible single from the upcoming album! So much is happening and we are so excited for this refreshing new era where they feel liberated and are even more intentional with the work they create.

And to kick off this incredible era, we got to sit down with Sydney Sierota and chat all things ‘Sour,’ what these songs mean to her and the band, and what she hopes her fans take away from these songs.

What We Think About ‘Sour’

Getting to sit down with Sydney was a dream! She is so incredibly sweet and well-spoken and we loved getting to know more about the writing process for ‘Sour,’ why they decided to self-title this particular album, and so much more. Before we let you watch the interview, we did want to take a second to gush about the new single from the record…

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‘Sour’ is seriously one of our top tracks of the summer. The way Sydney’s voice just meshes so well with the synth-wave production of the track (Thank you, Noah)…? We are obsessed! The song stems from a tough season of life for Sydney and her husband when they were a bit more long-distance than normal and the lyrics convey that bittersweet feeling of knowing that you are going through a really tough time, but also knowing that the most important thing is being and getting through it together.

This is Echosmith, just elevated!

With this new era, they are stripping back and being even more intentional with what they are creating and releasing into the world. Now, even though they are stripping back all of their music and moving in a more alt-pop direction, you can still tell this is an Echosmith song and we think that is what is so beautiful about it. This is Echosmith, but more elevated. You can just feel and hear the growth in each member of this band and that is what is so beautiful about music (and life).

Now enough with our gushing, let’s get into the interview!

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Sydney! We really loved getting to chat with her and learn more about the writing process behind these songs and even finding out more about ‘Sour’ and the new album!

Echosmith by Echosmith will be out on July 28th and we are screaming internally and waiting patiently for the day we finally have that vinyl in our hands. Honestly, we could probably be a little more patient, but we are just way too excited!!

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