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Exclusive Interview: Ananya On ‘gone (forever!)’ And The Eras Tour Setlist

Exclusive Interview: Ananya On ‘gone (forever!)’ And The Eras Tour Setlist

Want a new artist to stan who has it all? From songwriting to style, Ananya has you covered! Following the success of her new indie-pop single ‘gone (forever!),’ we were so excited to discuss Ananya’s new chapter in this exclusive interview!

2023 has already been a big year in Ananya’s career, and it’s only gonna get bigger! The multi-hyphenate artist is gearing up to release her debut EP, and graduate college, where she studies Fashion Design. Get you a popstar who can do it all! If you wanna read about Ananya’s plans and more, stay right where you are.

Ananya Exclusive Interview

Congratulations on the release of ‘gone (forever)!’ The song has been doing so well and is being added to playlists left, right, and center! What has the reception of the song meant to you?
Thank you! The reception of the song has been really incredible, and I feel so grateful. It reminded me what it feels like to release music again, and just continuously reinforces my passion for creating music. I’m really lucky because I’m starting to feel a sense of connection with everyone listening, just knowing the song resonates with them. THANK YOU <3

In fact, it’s your first release since ‘Where’s the love’ in 2021. How do you think your sound has changed since then? Is there a big difference in your writing/recording process now too?
I think the change in my music style has been a really natural transition. My artistic growth, personal experiences, and even inspirations are forever changing, so I’m aware that reflects in my music and process as well. 

Image Source: Isaac Robertson, Courtesy of LUCID PR

Could you tell us more about your debut EP? What themes or inspirations can we expect to hear in your upcoming music?
This EP delves into the concepts of inner resilience and overcoming challenges, which hopefully will inspire listeners to tap into their own strengths. I was inspired heavily by my dreams and anything that sparked some kind of emotion in me. Overall, it’ll be fun, empowering, honest (and maybe sad sometimes) all in one place. 

We love the energy in ‘gone (forever),’ it’s so honest and refreshing, and exactly on that indie-pop trend that’s hitting right now. What inspired the sonic direction of that song?
This track was inspired by a vivid dream that left me feeling a deep connection with the main character I encountered. She became a symbol of empowerment for me. The song reflects the journey of navigating a tricky situation with strength and emphasizing the importance of recognizing your self-worth. I think a lot of work goes into approaching breakups with strength, but the best breakthrough happens when we understand our value and leave with no hard feelings.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, and studying in both Europe and New York must have given you a very rich mix of influences to draw from! How do you feel each of these places has impacted your musical taste?
I firmly believe that as an artist and as an individual, our development is deeply connected with our roots and the experiences we encounter along the way. These places have given me experiences that have influenced my thoughts and inspirations. 

We have to say, we were completely obsessed with your Eras Tour fit! How was the show? And, an impossible question, but what are some of your fave Taylor Swift tracks?
Thank you! I don’t think I’ll ever have the words to explain how amazing the show was and how incredible she is as a performer. It was my first time seeing her live, and I still watch videos and find myself holding back tears (I’m really emotional if you hadn’t got that part yet). That really is a loaded question, but off the top of my head, I’d say ‘peace,’ ‘Call It What You Want,’ ‘tolerate it,’ ‘Nothing New (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)’ ‘Mastermind’ and of course, ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version).’

Image Source: Alexandrina Fleming, Courtesy of LUCID PR

Even when you’re not wearing a ‘You Belong With Me’ t-shirt, we really love your style! It’s so cool you’re an all-rounder artist who has skills in all sorts of things, including fashion design! Who (or what) would you say inspires your current aesthetic?
Thank you. When it comes to my style, I’ve always been inspired by the remarkable women in my life. They’ve taught me the importance of feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin. I also love bright colors, and anything reminiscent of my childhood holds a special place in my heart.

So, you also have your own womenswear label. How do you balance your creative pursuits, and do they influence each other in any way?
Having studied Fashion Design at Parsons in New York, I have immersed myself in a world of fashion and continue to work in that world when I’m not making music. Fashion has played an important role in shaping my musical journey and will definitely be an important tool in the release of my EP. 

We also have to congratulate you on co-founding The Nani Wellness Project. It’s such impressive work, and we have to say thank you for using your platform in this way! How did the project come about?
In 2020, my friend Tony and I found ourselves regularly meeting and engaging in deep conversations about our mental health. It became evident that in Zimbabwe, access to mental healthcare was not only limited but also unaffordable. The Nani Wellness Project is an online platform and app designed to offer free mental healthcare services to Zimbabweans. Our mission is to continue to raise awareness and spread love and compassion. Being kind is cool, but it’s also essential, and it’s absolutely okay to not be okay. Above all, seeking help is a sign of strength. Through this platform we really hope to empower everyone to prioritize their mental well-being and provide them with the support they deserve. 

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What’s next for the project in 2023?
Hopefully, graduating from uni and release a debut EP!

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Ananya (and good luck with your finals)!

Don’t forget to stream Ananya’s single ‘gone (forever!)’ here! And let us know all your thoughts on our interview with Ananya in the comments below! You can also find us over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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