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You Need These 4 Tracks From I’VE IVE On Your K-Pop Playlist

You Need These 4 Tracks From I’VE IVE On Your K-Pop Playlist

 Can you believe that IVE have become such titans in the K-Pop industry, and in music as a whole, without a full album out? We can, they’re just that powerful. But the time has finally come for Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo to release their first album: I’VE IVE! They just keep on rising and manage to impress us more than ever with every comeback.

To celebrate the release of I’VE IVE, we’re breaking down four of our favorite songs… or IV of our favorite songs, if you’re feeling fancy enough for Roman numerals! 

‘I AM’

If there’s one thing IVE are gonna do on a title track, it’s serve. That’s especially true for the classy ‘I AM,’ which is all about living to your full potential and knowing that even if you’re feeling low, “you are someone’s dreams come true.” You have the power to make your own way in the world, no matter what that might look like, and you’ll have IVE’s music to empower you along your journey! 

‘섬찟 (Hypnosis)’

A darker IVE concept? Yes, please! We love their bubbly, upbeat side, but we’re already falling for the mysterious energy on ‘섬찟 (Hypnosis).’ This is so different than any song they’ve released before, and the chorus is even giving us some Y2K girl group vibes, talking about the push and pull of a thrilling relationship. It’s so alluring and really hypnotizes you right from the start! 


Has anyone else had the earworm hook of ‘Kitsch’ stuck in their heads ever since IVE released it? This anthem is all about being yourself no matter what others might think, and focusing on the things you love rather than letting negativity get to you. That’s a reminder we all need at some point! It’s impossible to feel down while you’re listening to this song, so turn it up whenever you need a boost.

‘Shine With Me’

No, we’re not crying, we just have something in our eye. ‘Shine With Me’ is IVE’s adorable tribute to their DIVEs, thanking fans for the love they’ve shown with sweet lyrics like “you made it possible for me to keep smiling.” Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo have truly come so far since their debut in December 2021, and we’ve never been more proud of them.


Okay, we really wanted to go with the whole IV IVE songs from I’VE IVE thing, but we couldn’t resist adding a fifth song to our list. This album is just too good! 

See Also

We wanted to give a shout to ‘NOT YOUR GIRL,’ which we can really see becoming the K-Pop song of the summer. The lyrics talk about a new crush as the girls try to persuade them to just take the dive and ask them to be their girl. After IVE performed this at their Prom Queens concert, we were practically counting down the days until we could listen to the studio version – the vibes are immaculate and it’s just so fun!

Which track on I’VE IVE is your favorite? Which of the girls do you think has owned this era? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more of the sweetest K-Pop content around, click here.


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