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‘See You Later,’ We’re Headed To See The Band CAMINO On Tour!

‘See You Later,’ We’re Headed To See The Band CAMINO On Tour!

A hearty congratulations to all fans of The Band CAMINO is in order. Not only did we get ‘See You Later,’ another single off their latest album The Dark but they announced the Screaming in The Dark Tour and, well, we’re screaming. We rushed to buy our tickets and, while it wasn’t Eras Tour level difficult, seeing some of the venues sell presale out really fast had us biting our nails in front of the screen. Now that our tickets are secured, we’re of course thinking about the setlist.

We wanted to round up some fan-favorite choices that we’d love to see on the setlist for the Screaming in The Dark Tour. Did your choice make our list?

‘See You Later’

Of course, we want to see all of the new singles make their way onto the setlist for this tour. This is a fun and sexy track all about those secret moments with your lover that no one else knows about. “They keep on lookin’, but I don’t even hatе it/ ‘Cause, no, they won’t get to see you likе I’ll see you later.” Yeah sure, maybe everyone is looking, but at the end of the night, it’s just going to be the two of you. We definitely think this is going to be a fun one to hear live and we can’t wait to see it live (watch us manifesting).

‘Everybody Dies’


‘1 Last Cigarette’

‘Get It Your Way’

Told You So

Something To Hold On To

For A While


Of course, we had to include ‘Berenstein’ if we’re talking about our dream The Band Camino setlist. This one is an undisputed fan-favorite and we just know everyone would lose their minds. Who knew a song about the Mandela Effect would have us in such a chokehold? Just imagine how amazing it would be to scream “At another place in time only parallel to mine / The universe was alright when Berenstein was fine.” We are begging to hear this one live, simply.

Break Me

See You Later

What Am I Missing

See Also

Who Says We’re Through

‘Last Man In The World’

‘Last Man In The World’ might be our favorite The Dark single that’s dropped so far. Don’t get us wrong. Of course we love them all, but there’s just something about this track. It’s upbeat and so much fun to sing along to so we know it’ll translate perfectly into a live set performance.

Speaking of live performances, be sure to grab your tickets for the tour here. And don’t forget to stream ‘See You Later’ and pre-order the album.

We could list so many more tracks but I think we’d just end up listing the entire discography at that point so we’ll control ourselves. Did we hit everything on your list? Is there a song you absolutely need to hear them play? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our socials. We’re always buzzing about something on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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