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3 Party Steps To Celebrate TEEN TOP’s 4SHO

3 Party Steps To Celebrate TEEN TOP’s 4SHO

Who else still can’t believe that TEEN TOP is finally back? For real, they came and said we’re saving summer, or should we say 4SHO, wink. The group’s comeback is so refreshing, and we suddenly feel like the heat got blown away just so we could enjoy TEEN TOP’s music to the fullest. 

This return is such a huge thing. It’s been too long since we last had a comeback from the boys as a group, so naturally, we’re throwing a party at the THP HQ. Do you want to know our plans for this? Let’s take you on our 3-step party plan, we have a feeling you’ll approve.

Step 1: ‘HWEEK’ / Blast The Title Tracks

Are we starting strong? You bet! It’s just fitting to go for the title track right away. We’ve been wanting to hear the boys and watch their music videos, so we’re blasting ‘HWEEK’ to the max to lure anyone in the mood to escape their daily routines and have the well-deserved and needed break.

We won’t miss the opportunity to show the music video too. It’s so bright and energizing, the perfect summer relief for our eyes and minds. While we’re on the title track agenda, why not go down memory lane and add their old ones to this TEEN TOP-only playlist? From ‘Clap’ to ‘Run Away,’ this party will be a memorable one.

Step 2: ‘NEXT YOU’ / Celebrate The B-Sides

After having a lot of fun with the title track, we’re switching the party tunes to more relaxing yet still rhythmical songs. ‘NEXT YOU’ is another bop on 4SHO that got us obsessed right away. TEEN TOP simply know what their ANGELs like, and they deliver.

As we keep this celebration going, we are suddenly thinking of older group side tracks to play. Now’s the time to go back and reminisce, maybe play something like ‘What’s Problem,’ ‘Party tonight’ or ‘S.O.S.’ We think that sounds just right.

Step 3: ‘Missing You 2023’ / Old Forever Gold

The best way to end a party is with fully relaxing songs. It’s the moment when our legs hurt from all the jumping and dancing, and we need a moment to collect ourselves before heading home. Yet, we still have enough energy to enjoy the music and sing along. This is where TEEN TOP’s ‘Missing You 2023’ comes in.

We loved this song since its release in the boys’ first full album No.1 back in the day. This is a new version, special for 2023 and this comeback. In particular, this is not the first song that got a remake, as TEEN TOP has done this with another hit song that became ‘To You 2020.’ How are we feeling? Swaying to the melody and singing to the well-known lyrics like us?

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What do you think of TEEN TOP’s 4SHO? How did you like our little party plan? What songs from the group’s discography are you listening to lately? Tell us on our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, we can’t wait to read your answers.

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