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Made Of Stars By Jenna Voris: If Bonnie And Clyde Went To Space!

Made Of Stars By Jenna Voris: If Bonnie And Clyde Went To Space!

Jenna Voris‘ debut novel, Made of Stars is here and it’s full of action! Ava and Shane are the Bonnie and Clyde of space in this all-new sci-fi!

The cover of Made of Stars by Jenna Voris.
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Summary: Shane and Ava are a team. He steals the aircraft, she charms their mark, and together they take what they need. Not even their distracting chemistry could get in the way. Until Shane was caught and left to rot on a prison moon. Now, freshly escaped from confinement and simmering with anger, he has his sights set on their biggest job yet. Cyrus just graduated from the flight academy with a shiny new position lined up reporting to a well-respected general. On his very first assignment, he stops the outlaws in their tracks—or he would have, if his annoyingly handsome copilot, Lark, hadn’t fallen for Ava’s deception.

But when Shane uncovers a top-secret plot that would leave his and Ava’s home world at the mercy of Cyrus’s military leaders, he makes it his mission to thwart them at all costs. It isn’t long before the two of them make interstellar headlines with each new heist. And thanks to a chance run-in with the rebels, Cyrus is caught between two versions of the truth. He must pick a side—and fast. Because Shane and Ava will bring the planet to its knees . . . or die trying.

Content Warnings: blood, violence, gore, descriptions of blood/bodies, murder (including mass murder), torture, war themes, weapon use/gun violence, PTSD and flashbacks, and grief over deceased friends

Our Review

We were really intrigued by the premise of this book! The Bonnie and Clyde dynamic between Ava and Shane was interesting to read about. We love morally gray characters, and they definitely delivered on that trope! However, we wish that they had more time to develop so that we could feel invested in their stories. The plot was slow to start but gradually built up in the second half, with action and heists along the way. The political intrigue was engaging and added another element to the story.

Grab your copy of Made of Stars here!

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