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Fall In Love With EXO All Over Again Thanks To EXIST

Fall In Love With EXO All Over Again Thanks To EXIST

Here are the words we have wanted to say for so long: EXO is back! The out-of-this-world superstars have released their 7th album! EXIST is EXO’s first release since 2021’s Don’t Fight The Feeling, and we couldn’t be happier to have them back.

Despite everything they’ve been through, and KAI currently serving in the military (as opposed to his usual methods of serving lewks), this is such a fun EXO era! Every single performance and promo content has shown EXO being their silly selves again, and how could you not adore them for that? The members, especially Baekhyun and Kyungsoo, have been going viral practically daily, and it’s the kind of love they deserve, if you ask us!

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Every K-Pop fan knows that EXO are kings when it comes to delivering vocals, and they certainly don’t disappoint on this album. They bring the sultry R&B harmonies, as well as the power ballads, and some hard-hitting rap verses. All-rounders, baby!

EXIST is a nine-track album of masterpieces, start-to-finish. Whether you’ve been an EXO-L for a decade, or are a complete newbie, we guarantee you’ll fall head over heels for these Prince Charmings all over again.

We could wax lyrical about how much we love every song on EXIST, but your time is better spent listening to the album TBH, so we won’t keep you too long. We’ve picked a few of our stand-out tracks that we simply had to share our love for…

‘Cream Soda’

Where else could we start other than the opening and title track of EXIST? Are we more jealous of Xiumin’s sparkly suit or Baekhyun’s pink fur coat? We’re full of questions, but the one thing we’re sure of is that we are obsessed with ‘Cream Soda.’ The smooth choreo is exactly what we know and love to see from EXO. Plus, this is one group that never lets us down when it comes to fun, playful lyrics.

‘Hear Me Out’

Ok, but hear us out! Are we the only ones getting Silk Sonic vibes from this track? The funk-influenced bass line and crooning vocals are everything we dreamed of and more. ‘Hear Me Out’ is one of the two pre-releases EXO gave us from EXIST. Both music videos feature eight members, and therefore own our hearts forever. Plus, a new bucket list item just dropped: we wanna build lego with Sehun ASAP.

‘Private Party’

First of all, we love to see the phrase, “That’s my shawty” make a comeback in the year 2023. Second, we love how misleading this intro is! ‘Private Party’ is giving us 90s hip-hop boyband vibes, and we are absolutely living for the tongue-in-cheek energy. Chanyeol and Sehun’s rap verses are in another league in this track!

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The production on ‘Cinderella’ is so on trend, and we’re in love with it. It’s one of those songs that is literally built to be sang at the top of the audiences’ lungs. With the bright, romantic energy, we’re planning on spending our summer singing along to this one in the car whilst driving. The harmonies in the chorus are out of this league, as EXO give us a fairy-tale-worthy serenade.

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‘No Makeup’

The intensity of the bass contrasted with the softness of EXO’s vocals in the verse of ‘No Makeup’ makes it an instant fave on EXIST. Plus, “I love you with no makeup on… so take the makeup off” has us Debbie-Ryan-meme-ing all over the place. How could anyone resist the charms of an indulgently romantic concept combined with these vocals and some of EXO’s best “la da da’s?”

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‘Let Me In’

We finish EXIST in a very different place from where we started it! Closing track ‘Let Me In’ is the grand finale to the album, whilst ironically being the first pre-release track we got from the group, and therefore the first EXO song release in two years! The song is rife with loneliness and yearning, worlds away from the album’s early playfulness. The vocals in this one are stunning, and we can’t even choose who our fave harmonies were when they’re all this good.

EXIST is available now here!

EXO really delivered this comeback! Are you as obsessed with ‘Cream Soda’ as we are? What’s your fave EXO b-side on EXIST? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or, if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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