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It’s ‘SHOT O’ CLOCK!’ These Times Of Day Are The Best Times To Listen To Saweetie

It’s ‘SHOT O’ CLOCK!’ These Times Of Day Are The Best Times To Listen To Saweetie

Say we were to label Saweetie as an early riser or a stealing the nighttime scene person, then the howling calls belonging to the moon would lure her underneath its gaze because she so rightfully belongs in the latter. Perhaps it has something to do with runway-ready outfits, the sweeping pink and lilac butterflies tucked into her tight curls, and how she’s always wearing some sort of funky bralette, from golden leaves to bubblegum beads, proving that the starry night is the perfect Instagram filter. Or her confidence; she’s the life of the party! Either way, she’d be the person to call at 2 a.m., knowing that she’s still up. At least, that’s what we think. But is that really an accurate assumption? Could she be a morning or afternoon person instead?

This all stems from her newest music video for ‘SHOT O’ CLOCK,’ one part of her duo release, with the other being ‘BIRTHDAY’ featuring YG and Tyga. We got those wish-blowing visuals a week ago, so naturally, the other video has just come in hot. Anyway, it’s really in the name itself, isn’t it? Directed by Lauren Dunn, ‘SHOT O’ CLOCK’ isn’t just pointing at the clicking hands of time but is also an evening activity. But to be accurate, we thought we’d carry out the other of the two theories, assigning songs from her discography to times of the day. 


Considering the music video for ‘ICY GRL’ starts with daybreak birds chirping and transitions into Saweetie treating herself to a champagne flute on a bed, it’s possibly a cop-out to choose it as a morning tune because it too easily fits the label, but we’re still going there! We mean, who doesn’t want to start the day with affirmations reciting how fly they are? “’Cause I’m icy, wifey haters wanna fight me,” she raps, the color codeword melting into her platinum weave. The song came out in 2017, on SoundCloud, to be exact—before being repackaged as the lead single for High Maintenance in October of the same year. 


After you’ve spent the hours before noon rewiring your brain into truly believing how amazing you are, you’ll probably want to spend some time with another fleshed-out cheerleader. AKA, your ‘Best Friend.’ Doja Cat takes the form of Saweetie’s as they spend their afternoons sunbathing, tuning out the players for some BFF time, and that includes an ultra-stylish “icy” bikini that’s throwing back to that viral hit single. It’s sequined yellow, in calligrapher font, and is something we’re going to have to closet steal at some point. Another unique style is their matching face tats, with Doja sporting Saweetie’s name on her higher cheekbones and a switcheroo with the others on their jaws. So many friendship Halloween costumes were inspired by these getups in the fall of 2021, and we couldn’t be more twinning.


Suppose any part of you thought ‘SHOT O’ CLOCK’ belonged to any other time of day than the evening (its evidence probably stems from the circular window that captures featherlight clouds). However, draw our gaze to its surroundings, and it’s clear that darkness is everywhere else: on her black bikini, the deep midnight blue of the jar’s water in which she’s standing, by the way, as if it’s some pool, and the endless void of the background itself. That royal blue and black color scheme additionally appears in Saweetie’s makeup, airbrushed across her eyelids, and in the tint of her nails, which, when brushed against a golden light, seem opaque.

For a dual effect, it also ties in where the silhouettes of background dancers are in black, with the backdrop showcasing them in that blue. Oh, and there’s a black snake, too! So, all in all, the color scheme pretty much indicates that there’s no sunlight in sight. It’s serving the time of Marilyn Monroe, the classic 50s with its color-focused sets, while turning the dial up to today’s promiscuous flair through cutout fashion that’s all the rage. “Ayy, he braggin’ he got stars in thе Wraith, lame / I’m tryna get stars on the Walk of Fame,” yup, preach it, Saweetie!

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If we were to treat the above as a personality quiz, with Saweetie helping us sort ourselves into times of the day types through her songs, which one would you be? Are you asking, what’s ours? Oh, you’re too kind. This bee is, of course, sitting as a night owl, partying until the wee hours of the morning with ‘SHOT O’ CLOCK.’ You can join us by grabbing a ticket to the STR8 to the Klub Tour. Saweetie, YG, and Tyga will spearhead the 13 city-stopping event, and Kamiyah, Wallie The Sensai, and DJ Vision will be supporting. But in the case that you are a morning or afternoon person, tweet us stating your case @thehoneypop!

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