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Exclusive Interview: KARD

Exclusive Interview: KARD

Earlier this week on Twitter, we promised you more exclusive, never before seen KARD content. And we at The Honey POP always keep our promises! We had the amazing opportunity of interviewing the incredible co-ed K-Pop group!

We Talked Tour

KARD is currently on their Playground World Tour! When we talked with them, their next show was going to be in San Francisco, the last US date of the world tour. So, we clearly had plenty of questions to ask.

Is there anything different about touring in another country versus in Korea?

BM said, “Energy-wise, I don’t think there’s a difference. Our fans in Korea, they turn up pretty hard too. The commentary and the engagement that we have with the fans is in Korean, so the cultural nuance and the etiquette that we have to uphold while communicating with our Korean fans, I think is a little bit more different. Slightly more conservative, but the love and the passion is still there.”

What’s your favorite thing about touring in the US, compared to anywhere else?

Being the humble icons they are, they also said they’re so grateful for the opportunity to tour in other countries and engage with fans of different cultures. Specifically for the US, the rest of KARD is also grateful that they can play where BM was born and raised.

Since you’re 11 shows in, what’s the funniest or craziest tour story you have so far?

“So, we do a sexy competition.” BM explained. “And one funny moment was when we did rock paper scissors, [Somin] won, but the three of us were like, “You’re going first.” So technically, it wasn’t really winning for her. But she was so happy about it that she jumped up like a little child.”

We Talked About Their New Music

ICYMI: They released their 6th mini-album, Icky back in May. And honestly, it’s nothing but absolute bangers. Not only that, but the music videos for this era are incredible. The music video for ‘Icky’ was our favorite. There were so many fun and interesting elements: slime, different dimensions, and a ton of illusions. So we had to talk about it.

The music video for ‘Icky’ was so amazing and different. What did the creative process look like for that?

BM said, “We wanted to push some boundaries and the reason I think it ties in with really how we’re doing on tour right now, we’re in our element, we’re comfortable. We’re able to be ourselves without being nervous this time around. And I think it’s because the recent album we put out, so much of our input has been taken into consideration.” Jiwoo also credited their new creative director.

Overall, that mini-album went in a different direction than your previous music. Is there anyone new you’d love to collaborate with that fits your newer sound?

BM said that he’d want to collaborate with an artist that was popular in the early 2000s and played in the clubs since their music is dance heavy. “One person that would be really fun I think is Lil Jon. That’s really what the direction for KARD is right now.”
All we have to say to that collab is *Lil Jon voice* YEAH!

Photo credit: Aera Ahn for THP
Do you have any ideas in mind for your next mini-album?

“We’ve been producing on the road. Our direction is really to push what we have right now, which is constantly pushing boundaries. Trying things that other conventional conservative k-pop artists wouldn’t try. And obviously, keep it age appropriate for us.”

“We just want to make music that’s fun, timeless, and will put you in an excited mood.”

Fan Questions

You already know that The Honey POP is for fans by fans! Since we had the amazing opportunity of interviewing them, we thought we’d give HIDDENS, the opportunity to ask a few questions, as well!

What movies and/or TV shows are you currently binging?

All of their answers were pretty different! Jiwoo said the latest season of Witch Hunt, a Korean TV show that talks about relationships. BM being a lover of anime, just finished Hell’s Paradise and is now onto Demonslayer. Somin is into different documentaries, and J.seph watches YouTube videos about Korean national soccer players and gets really emotional when they hang out and participate together because they’re on the same team.

On the topic of movies and TV, if you could be any movie or TV show character, who would you be and why?

BM obviously picked Goku “cause he’s strong.” On the same note, Somin said she’d love to be an Avenger! Meanwhile, J.seph would want to be Ki-woo, the son in Parasite. And Jiwoo chose Gu San-Yeong from the K-Horror show, Revenant.

How has it been to connect with fans on social media?

Some groups aren’t as active on social media, but KARD definitely is. They said that it’s the best way to engage with fans when they’re not on the road. But BM said, and we quote, “I say a lot of stupid stuff. I’m an entertainer.” But on a serious note, he also added,

“It’s fun. When you take things and you see the power of your influence as an artist, as a celebrity and be able to use it for good is something I think that every artist and celebrity should have to an extent.”

We absolutely love it. One of the most iconic viral moments? The Big T*ddie Committee meme. BM said, “That was really cool because I turned it into something philanthropic and raised money for breast cancer awareness.”

Photo credit: Aera Ahn for THP

Ending On A Sweet Note

And since we at THP are all about spreading positivity, what’s one sweet thing you can say about one another?

After we asked the question, BM chimed in and said, “Me first!”

Jiwoo thanked BM for being the only member to speak fluent English and assists them on tour to communicate with other people.
J.seph said that he steps up a lot for KARD.
Somin said he leads the team and is full of passion.
BM: “Nice. I like it… That’s it?” He joked.

See Also

In regards to J.seph, he brings a trait that not only changes our atmosphere for the better, but the fanbase as well. BM said. “And he’s the funny handsome guy. How many funny handsome guys do you know?!” He looks at J.seph and adds, “You have nice knees.”

Somin is very cultured. She’s very professional and doesn’t have bad habits. She makes me want to be more professional. BM complimented.

BM explained that Jiwoo is constantly looking for ways to be different and find a new narrative where people see her in a different light. She’s very competitive and that it makes him want to step up his game.

“I’m nice with my words today.” he laughed.

Once again, we’d like to thank KARD for sitting down with us! 감사합니다! (Thank you!) What were your favorite moments from the interview? Did they answer a question you’ve been dying to know? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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