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Love Defined By 4 Songs From BETWEEN FRIENDS’ Debut Album

Love Defined By 4 Songs From BETWEEN FRIENDS’ Debut Album

The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! We can enjoy BETWEEN FRIENDS’ debut album from top to bottom on repeat! We have been enjoying everything from this release: from the electronic bits and the transitions that left us speechless, to the amazing vocals and the mesmorizing songwriting from our favorite indie artists. We knew I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy was going to meet our expectations, and it did way beyond that! There’s nothing like blasting the new BETWEEN FRIENDS tracks from your speakers. This album is definitely one of our favorite releases of the year.

We’ve decided to do something fun to celebrate Brandon and Savannah’s first album. Love is something we’ve been trying to describe since the beginning of time, but there are so many experiences and feelings that can only be said with the power of music. We decided to associate our favorite songs from this album with what you can’t express with your own words. What would we do without these tracks?

‘Stalker:’ “Ha!,” We’re Crushing On Someone

We’re starting our list with the first track of I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy, not only because it’s a bop but because the lyrics describe exactly how flirting and having a crush feels. ‘Stalker’ just sounds like how your brain works when you recall those memories you’ve been creating with your potential new partner. Your mind goes at 1000 miles per hour, and you want to continue the teasing and the fun times forever. How can you not love this album with this opening track?

‘Lotto:’ We Have To Talk

This is the track you should send to those partners that keep sending confusing signals and keep messing with your mind. ‘Lotto’ is a story in itself, as the verses describe how misunderstandings shall be addressed, versus the chorus, which is almost like a gaslighting of the person in the relationship who doesn’t want to talk about those issues. We thought this set-up was so great and well written throughout the song, especially with the last verse, “I couldn’t sleep through the night ’cause your love is a lotto,” repeating how walking on eggshells makes us lose our patience. We love this song!

‘What’s up:’ Wanna Hang?

We were obsessed with this song, but now that we know its placement in this album, you should consider us #1 ‘What’s up’ stans! BETWEEN FRIENDS has created the perfect track to define how we need a phone call from our crush. Can we get together to get know each other better and see how we can go from there? Don’t be afraid to post this song’s lyrics on your Instagram story for a certain person to see 👀. Let us know if something ends up happening! After all, we were the ones who recommended you this amazing song. 😉

‘Self destruct:’ Why Is Letting Go So Painful?

Love is complicated, and sometimes we yearn for someone we let go of. We wish we could take back all the fights and painful words we might have said. Sounds familiar? Then you should definitely give ‘Self destruct’ a try. The lyrics of this song are so specific that they truly make us feel like BETWEEN FRIENDS wrote it for us. We still love that significant other that we’ve left behind, wondering if it was better to stay with them, but we also remember how walking away was the best decision. An absolute 10/10! Definitely one of our favorites from I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy.

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BETWEEN FRIENDS has changed our playlists forever with this album! Have you been listening to I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy on repeat? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You can also chat with us on our Discord!

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