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6 Lyrics From Charlotte Sands’ Good Now That Make Perfect Instagram Captions

6 Lyrics From Charlotte Sands’ Good Now That Make Perfect Instagram Captions

charlotte sands good now

This electric blue-haired beauty never ceases to stun us with her music, and she’s done it again today! Charlotte Sands has just released her brand-new EP and we are hooked. It’s safe to say after listening to it countless times already, we’re feeling pretty… Good Now. (What? We had to! It was right there!)

charlotte sands good now
Image Source: Dillon Jordan

Good Now includes her four previously released singles and two brand-new tracks: the EP’s namesake track, ‘Good Now,’ and ‘Lovesick.’ Which are our favorites? It’s very hard to say! Because come on, honey. All of these tracks are absolute bops! We’re sure you agree with us. She’s a talented queen!

And along with large praise for Charlotte Sands’ limitless musical talents comes a large amount of praise for her lyricism, too. Because not only is she a highly skilled musician, she’s also a massively talented songwriter. We can relate to these songs so much, we’re starting to believe that Charlotte Sands might just be writing about us!

With that in mind, here are some lyrics that we think would be the perfect caption for your next Instagram post!

“I’m afraid that I’m who I’ll always be.”

We’re starting things off with a lyric from the EP’s namesake track! ‘Good Now’ is a sensational song about self-analyzing to the point of defeat. This lyric can be taken in that light. You want to grow and become a better version of yourself, but you’re finding it hard. However, we can also read this in another way that contrasts the core of the song. It could be placed as a more positive, cheekier caption on Instagram for when you’re feeling more self-confident. A jab to those who want to change you, but you can’t be changed. A “not-apology” for staying true to who you are. Whichever direction you take this lyric for your Instagram post is up to you!

“I’m just a little bit lost, you’re a little bit lost, we’re a little bit lost, but that’s okay.”

Feeling a little ‘Lost?’ You know what? Same. We all feel a little bit lost sometimes and, as Charlotte Sands says, that’s okay! Sometimes life just gets like that. You go through the motions of the day, week, month, and year, and you just lose focus on certain things. This is the perfect caption for that feeling. Every one of us will feel it at some point to a varying degree. The most important thing to know is that the lost feeling won’t stick around forever.

“No, I don’t wanna come to my senses. I lost my mind and it feels so good.”

Sometimes we just need to scream how we feel and throw a ‘Tantrum!’ We’ve all been there. This lyric from this pure anthem of a song is perfect for when you’re feeling a little out of your mind. You’re feeling loud and a little out of this world. Maybe even confident depending on which direction you want to take the lyric. No matter which way you go with this for a caption, we’re sure we can all agree that ‘Tantrum’ is such a powerful move by Charlotte Sands. We love this song so much!

“Maybe I’ll close my eyes, pretend I’m somewhere else where all the leaves are falling.”

This one comes from ‘Alright.’ This is the perfect caption for when you want to be somewhere else. Anywhere else. You’re just sitting there, closing your eyes, and maybe even imagining yourself in a beautiful forest in the middle of fall. Or maybe that’s the photo itself. Maybe you’re reminiscing on a perfect moment when you were surrounded by colorful leaves falling around you last fall. Whichever way you take it, this is such a gorgeous lyric from ‘Alright.’ We’ll forever be thankful that Charlotte Sands created this song!

“I know that I’m young but, God, I hope I change.”

There were a few options in ‘Lovesick’ to choose from for captions, but this one hit us in a certain way and we couldn’t leave it out. We’re sure we can all relate to that self-aware feeling of knowing who you are, seeing all your imperfections, and knowing all your flaws, and hoping so hard that you’ll grow out of them and change. An incredible lyric from a powerfully introspective song.

“I’m an optimist, but the pessimist wins sometimes.”

Charlotte Sands knows how to make such relatable songs! ‘Six Feet Under’ is no different and it’s such an impactful track. This lyric jumped out as being one of the most relatable lyrics for us. Because it’s so true! We are so optimistic in this hive, but sometimes pessimism can win, even if just by a little bit. It happens to the best of us, honey, and that’s okay.

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And there we have it! That’s a lyric from every song! They really were hard to choose. After all, Charlotte Sands is a lyrical genius! Now excuse us while we go blast all the songs from Good Now on repeat and plan these lyrics into our next Instagram posts.

charlotte sands good now
Image Source: Dillon Jordan

Are there any lyrics in Charlotte Sands’ Good Now EP that you think should’ve made the list? And do you love these songs as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and Threads.

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