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Shakira’s Latest Release ‘El Jefe’ Makes Us Want Her To Be Our Boss ‘Whenever, Wherever’

Shakira’s Latest Release ‘El Jefe’ Makes Us Want Her To Be Our Boss ‘Whenever, Wherever’

Shakira El Jefe

One thing that we love at THP is powerful women in music who bravely and boldly tell their stories through their music. Some of these women have kept their songs cryptic to keep some of the “who” behind them vague. Meanwhile, others have looked upon their situation and wanted it to be known. Those women clarified who they were talking about and what they’ve done, thus creating a new movement and masterpiece of women’s empowerment. Shakira has been in the latter half, leaving no thoughts, words, or anything out of her new music.

Shakira’s latest release, ‘El Jefe,’ explores a different sound, but we’re loving it. Its meaning deserves recognition for women coming out of the shadows and shining light on their grievances. ‘El Jefe’ is Spanish for “boss” or “the boss.” Shakira and Fuerza wrote an excellent story in ‘El Jefe.’

‘El Jefe’ is for those wanting to stick to their boss.

Shakira Is Not Holding Back In Her Recent Discography

Earlier in the year, Shakira released a single with Bizarrap called ‘Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53.’ This song sent shock waves in the music and soccer (football) worlds. It is an incredibly catchy song that explicitly allowed her to express her feelings towards the reality of her split. And all the suspicious activity surrounding her 11-year-long relationship during and after. Shakira used what she knows best to call out Gerard Piqué for his treatment of her.

“Yo Solo Hago Música, Perdón Que Te Salpique.”

The music video for ‘El Jefe’ is much different from previous Shakira media. It feels like it is more stripped down compared to what we’ve seen before. Shakira is, of course, dancing! We know that Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie! However, Shakira’s dancing is different from past performances. The dancing is intentional, small, and controlled in spiteful in a way.

‘El Jefe’ is about a manipulative boss who takes advantage of their employees. The employees take on the heavy burden of working extremely hard for pennies to survive in the “barrio” while the boss cashes in money on a new Mercedes Benz. Everything in this song circles the consequences of a lousy boss not paying nor giving opportunities to those who work hard, have a great degree, and have the skills to make a better life for themselves.

Shakira and Fuerza show the working class life of who they are telling the narrative in the music video. Meanwhile, remembering all that Piqué and his family have done, Shakira has a double narrative to play with. And that double narrative was all about Lili Melgar, her children’s nanny.

‘El Jefe Is Shakira’s Version Of Karma’

Lili Melgar has been the lifelong nanny of her children with Piqué. Lili is rumored to be the first to notice that Piqué was unfaithful to Shakira. Upon getting this information, Lili would be a “girl’s girl” and let Shakira know about Piqué’s actions.

Piqué fired Lili Melgar for turning to Shakira about his affair. To make matters worse, Piqué never paid her for her work before being let go. We have to note we don’t know how much she wasn’t compensated. But, it was enough to make her life more challenging. Shakira was dealing with a broken heart from her family dismantling, her in-laws making matters more complicated, and taking in the information about what happened to Lili Melgar was the final straw.

“Lili Melgar. Para Ti Esta Canción, Que No Te Paragon La Indemnización. Lili Melgar. This Song Is For You, They Didn’t Pay You The Compensation.”

‘El Jefe’, the bad bass is a layered masterpiece. To Lili Melgar and those in similar positions, it’s very personal for giving them a voice. With that in mind, ‘El Jefe’ also is Shakira pointing out the toxicity in her ex’s family. They went a spiteful route with the nanny. Therefore, Shakira returned it in a song that might have gotten them wet. Or in a song that wished that her ex-father-in-law, who was part of the reason behind the song, would step into the grave. If you go low on Shakira, she isn’t afraid to go lower in getting the story straight.

For this reason, Shakira has corrected what her ex and his family couldn’t do: pay Lili Melgar. Lili Melgar has returned to be her children’s nanny. Most notably, Lili Melgar has received high compensation for being in the ‘El Jefe’ music video and additional revenue from the song. Shakira is the ‘El Jefe’ you want! 

Shakira Is Having A Year Full Of Open Heart Conversations In Her Music

Shakira’s two songs released this year are a certainly a step into intimate diary entries. ‘El Jefe‘ is the most recent entry out of what we can guess are many others that are likely to come that Shakira has willingly shared with us. Music is a healing experience; she is taking us on her journey. We’re not complaining as we get amazing new music from the Latina pop queen Shakira.

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We recommend listening to ‘El Jefe’ and watching the music video to fully experience this latest release from Shakira and Fuerza Regida. Once you do, we want your thoughts on the chisme (gossip) Shakira is giving us!

Drop us your thoughts in the comments below, or let us on @thehoneypop on Twitter. You can also find us over on Facebook and Instagram where we’d love to hear what you think about ‘El Jefe.’

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