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Shakira Displays Her Heart In ‘Monotonía’ Ft. Ozuna And We Can’t Stop Talking About It

Shakira Displays Her Heart In ‘Monotonía’ Ft. Ozuna And We Can’t Stop Talking About It

Our favorite artists have been releasing new music we didn’t expect- from entering new eras to major collaborations. Our playlists keep growing and growing, and we love it! The iconic Colombian multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, Shakira, also known as Ms. ‘Hips Don’t Lie,’ has brought us her latest single ‘Monotonía’ featuring Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Ozuna, an instant bachata favorite.

Despite the song being entirely in Spanish, Shakira and Ozuna excel in translating the meaning of the song through the track’s tunes, rhythm, and vocals. You don’t have to translate the lyrics to understand, but if you’d like to know what it’s about, here’s what it means.

The Meaning of ‘Montonía’

A quick word of the day, Monotonía, translated in English means “lack of variety in anything,” including synonyms like dullness and boredom. After learning the definition of the song title, you can begin to guess what the song may be about – That the main reason for the relationship’s downfall that Shakira sings about was not due to an issue from either partner but due to monotony. Additionally, Shakira continues the song with the partner becoming distant and no longer being the same person they were at the beginning of the relationship, with the song lyrics (translated in English), “Suddenly you were no longer the same/ You left me because of your narcissism/ You forgot what we were one day.”

Shakira may have left us with goosebumps after finding the meaning of the song, and we’re so ready for her upcoming record that will have songs in English and Spanish.

Shakira Puts Her Heart On Display for Music Video

That’s right, in the ‘Monotonía’ music video, Shakira’s heart is on display. The music video, co-directed by Shakira, begins with her shopping at a grocery store, walking down the aisle and eating a bag of chips, and then stumbles upon a figure- speculated to be a past lover. Ozuna’s appearance is embodying an ex, and suddenly Shakira gets blown away, leaving us in shock, again. She is left with a hole in her chest and her heart in her hand. She continues walking and running despite people trampling over her and her heart, making it clear that in the midst of heartbreak, Shakira remains resilient through it all.

Listen to ‘Montonía’ here and add it to your playlist!

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