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Xdinary Heroes Delivers The Best Music With Livelock

Xdinary Heroes Delivers The Best Music With Livelock

Not even two years after their debut, Xdinary Heroes have set themselves as a band that could never disappoint us. Each of their releases has been top-tier! And Xdinary Heroes’ fourth mini-album, Livelock, delivers nothing but masterpieces once again. From the title track, ‘Break The Brake,’ to all the b-sides, Xdinary Heroes establish their sound and identity while exploring new sides. And we’re here for every part of it!

‘Break the Brake’

In true Xdinary Heroes style, ‘Break The Brake’ is massively influenced by punk-rock music. It also has that extra-theatrical feel that can be often felt in Xdinary Heroes‘ music. And it’s one of their more addictive songs yet. ‘Break The Brake’ is confident, loud, and bold; it makes us fall in love with them even more. On top of that, it shows what amazing musicians they are – the instrumental is just on another level.

‘Break the Brake’ delivers exactly what it seeks, giving us the energy to break everything around us. After looping this song for hours and watching the music video another thousand times, it’s safe to say the brake isn’t the only thing Xdinary Heroes are breaking.


Yet again, in true Xdinary Heroes fashion, ‘Break the Brake’ is far from the only song you should listen to. Something about this band is that they will consistently deliver a mini-album with b-sides that are as good as the title track. And it’s worth everyone’s attention!


‘Freddy’ is hands down Xdinary Heroes‘ strongest opening song to date. This song hits so hard and opens Livelock on a high. ‘Freddy’ is everything we love about Xdinary Heroes taken to another level. It manages to mix creepy elements yet remains one of their most fun and upbeat songs. 


We won’t lie: ‘PLUTO’ is probably one of our top Xdinary Heroes songs of all time. And if you love pop-punk as much as we do, it’ll probably be yours, too. The chorus hits us in the feels with its perfect melody and impactful lyrics and vocals. ‘PLUTO’ sounds like what would happen if Xdinary Heroes went into a room to write a song with Waterparks and 5 Seconds Of Summer in their early years. That’s how good it is.


Something that Xdinary Heroes knows how to do well is mixing punk with K-Pop, and ‘ENEMY’ is precisely that. The contrast between the raw verses and the explosive pop melodies of the chorus is music excellence. It’s their sound taken up a notch with a level of angst that they haven’t reached yet.

‘Bad Chemical’

‘Bad Chemical’ is just as much of a banger – there is actually no better word to describe it. It’s bold and energetic. And it is physically impossible to listen to this one without feeling the urge to headbang to it.


After that huge boost of energy, Xdinary Heroes gives us one of their slower songs, and ‘Paranoid’ is honestly everything to us. With a late 90s/early 2000s pop-rock ballad feeling, ‘Paranoid’ has hard-hitting melodies that make us want to sing at the top of our lungs, accompanied by insanely good vocals. That bridge… Chills. Because yes, Xdinary Heroes are a band, but that also means they’re incredible vocalists. The song talks about self-doubt and losing yourself, which adds to all the things ‘Paranoid’ makes us feel.


But Xdinary Heroes could never end Livelock there. Xdinary Heroes bring the energy back up by serving us a song worth being compared to any pop-punk anthem of the early 2000s. ‘AGAIN? AGAIN!’ is that song. On top of having that nostalgic sound and same sentiment, it also sounds so modern and new. Xdinary Heroes pull it off perfectly.

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Xdinary Heroes keep perfecting their sound, pushing it to another level and leaving their mark in K-Pop history bit by bit. Livelock is a perfect mini-album with incredible songs that experiment with new sides to their sound, and it makes us fall even more in love with Xdinary Heroes.

What’s your favorite song out of Livelock? Are you more into Deadlock or Livelock? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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