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Imagining A Debut Set For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Imagining A Debut Set For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Every moment of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour had all of us on the edge of our seats, whether you saw it in person, got to see the movie, or simply watched along on live streams at home. And we’re still not over the fact that the setlist has over 40 of our all-time favorite songs! We must admit, though, we’re still a little sad that her self-titled album doesn’t get its own chance to shine. So we’re imagining our own debut set right here!

The Stage Design

Butterflies were a big part of the debut era since they appeared on the cover, but they were also a big part of the Lover era, bringing a lighthearted energy to that time after the darker aesthetic of reputation. So we think the on-screen visuals for the debut set would have different color butterflies representing each of Taylor’s albums! That would also be a fun nod to the fact that debut really started it all, and we wouldn’t have gotten all the amazing albums we have today without it.

The Setlist

First off, the perfect opener for the debut set would be ‘Our Song.’ It’s such a cornerstone of Taylor’s catalog, to the point where she made sure to include it as the acoustic guitar song for the Eras Tour movie. We think it’d also be an adorable tie-in to the speech Taylor gives before performing ‘Lover,’ when she says she wants us to associate any songs from the Eras Tour setlist with happy memories from the concerts. These have truly become our songs over the years!

Cue the waterworks next, because hearing ‘A Place In This World’ on the Eras Tour would be such a full-circle moment! Back in the lyric booklet message days, Taylor hid the message “I found it” in this song’s lyrics, but she had no idea how far she would go even after that. She’s not only found her place in this world, but created a safe place for so many of us to feel our feelings and make friendships that last a lifetime.

We’d finish off the debut set with ‘Mary’s Song’ – come on, you knew this was coming. Years and years of “I heard Taylor soundchecking ‘Mary’s Song’” jokes would finally have their resolution! It’d also be an amazing closer for the debut section of the show, because “I’ll still look at you like the stars that shine in the sky” matches Swifties’ feelings for Taylor, and “just two kids, you and I” would be such a heartwarming reference to how we grew up with her. 

The Costume

The debut era had so many iconic dresses, so we think Taylor would call back to one of those! But of all the iconic looks she gave us during that time, we think the fluffy blue ‘Our Song’ dress is the most memorable. We know she and her stylist, Joseph Cassell, could totally give us a fun, updated version of it! And of course, she’d have to finish off the outfit with some classic cowboy boots.

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Which set of the Eras Tour is your favorite? Do you agree with our debut setlist picks? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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