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The Ready Set’s Cherryland Is Our Seventh Wonder

The Ready Set’s Cherryland Is Our Seventh Wonder

We already knew we were in for a treat with the release of The Ready Set’s new album, Cherryland. But it’s insane just how right we were! Not only is this the first major release from The Ready Set since 2018, but it’s the first album released since 2016. So fans have been foaming at the mouth to get their hands on Cherryland, to say the absolute least. And the wait was more than worth it, the entire album is bangers from start to finish. We decided we couldn’t even pretend to be chill about this. So instead, we’re going to talk about some of our favorite tracks off the record, and we think you’re gonna love it!

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The opening track of Cherryland, and within twenty seconds, it has your jaw on the floor. If you aren’t losing it over the lines from ‘Who You Really Are‘ popping up in the beginning, like an omen of what is to come throughout the record. Then you definitely fully lost it at the build before the chorus fully comes to life.

“Couldn’t wait for another try, started hating that screen but it takes time. When you’re trying to make things that’ll polarize, and you finally don’t feel like it’s do or die.”


This one feels like a full evolution of a certain kind of TRS song. If you’re a long-time Giant like us, you probably already know what we’re talking about. But it’s that category of The Ready Set songs that end up being comfort songs, and you know it as soon as you hear it. ‘Telemetry’ feels like a blend of past tracks ‘World Owes Nothing’ and ‘The Witching Hour’ specifically, woven together in inspiration to help create a track that we need to be injected into our veins because listening at full volume is not enough.

“So what I’ll do is attempt to define a truth. A realized version of life where I’m nothing but honest, and stable, and kind. Why are we reaching up when reality is on the ground? If I step back and just look down, maybe I’ll figure it out.”

‘2 & 3’

This song is so good that we have no choice but to call it what it is – a lyrical masterpiece. The lines in this song warrant only one thing – and that’s some pens in the chat! And if you aren’t a lyrical person, don’t worry; the instrumentals are soothing, catchy, and perfectly entrancing in proper TRS style.

“Now I’m 2 nights out from an issue, it’s one way to deal with an apocalypse. Got a number, call that deliverance. But I hate my phone so I’m breaking it. All that I ever do is assess the risk.”


We mean this with the utmost respect, but we need to hear this song live immediately. We can already feel the pulse in the room as everyone jumps at the end of the chorus. You can feel the energy that it would carry and bring to the table. There is no asking in this case – Jordan, if you’re reading this, we need a Cherryland show/tour now.

“Echo, You’ve been a little distant, I hope you don’t hate me. You let go, I know why you’re resistant. ‘Cause when I’m around I pull you back down. You’ve been a little distant. Echo, just tell me how to fix it.”

‘Safety Raft’

There’s something that happens when you hear a new The Ready Set song that starts with hypnotizing synths. A new wrinkle immediately forms in your brain, your third eye opens, and you evolve as a human being. Your life is changed forever during that listen, because you know it’s going to be a whole entire bop. ‘Safety Raft’ is exactly that. It has that classic TRS pen game lyrically, and the way the music is layered and blends is jaw-dropping.

“Aren’t you so bored with being down? Yeah, it’s poison to stick around here. So keep it moving ’cause you can’t look back. If you’re sinking I’ve got a safety raft.”

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The last song we have to talk about had to be saved for last because of how mindblowing a track it is. Jordan told us when we chatted with him that this was his favorite track on the record, and honestly, we agree! The vocals transport you to your own personal wonder while you’re dancing along to the insane beats in this track. This is pure pop perfection – give The Ready Set their Grammy now!

“I can’t remember where I am, she said “Boy, you’re in cherryland.” She’s one in a million, forgot to tell her. On my tongue, I taste french vanilla. “I can’t remember where I am, she said “Boy, you’re in cherryland.”

What is your current favorite song from Cherryland? Let us know in the comments below! Or you can let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, or on Instagram, or Facebook!

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