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We’ll Always Be The Ready Set’s ‘Teammate’

We’ll Always Be The Ready Set’s ‘Teammate’

We’re back with an update on what’s going on in the world of The Ready Set. As we promised, we’ve had our eyes glued to their socials waiting for more new music. And the wait was so worth it! His new single, ‘Teammate’ offers a lighthearted sounding reminder of standing by someone’s side even when they might think no one would ever want to. It shows a slower side to The Ready Set’s artistry that we didn’t see as much of in ‘Who You Really Are.’ But Jordan has a way of depicting undying love and loyalty that we’re absolute suckers for here at The Honey POP! So we’ll gladly take a pause from the hyper-pop bangers to ride these waves with them!

“Said you were happier last October, you need a friend. So I come back over, and we’ll split a bottle in half. I’ll try to get you to laugh, sometimes I’m decent at that.”

‘Teammate’ – The Ready Set

What better way to celebrate this insane release than by looking at some other songs by The Ready Set that we see a little bit of ‘Teammate’ in? Let go, Giants!

‘The Witching Hour’ – V2

‘Teammate’ initially reminded us of ‘The Witching Hour,’ a prior release of Jordan’s. This track is from his EP V2 which was released in 2019. Jordan has said that this is not only one of his favorite songs of his, but one he was really stoked to play live when he started playing gigs again last year! We couldn’t agree more, hearing that second verse live is a game-changer! “You are the only thing I got that’s takin’ off the edge. You are a wildflower garden growin’ in my head. There’s somethin’ tellin’ me that I still have a lot to give. Maybe there’s beauty in uncertainty, I hope there is.”

‘Broken Parts’ (feat. Mokita)

Jordan may have stepped back from performing as The Ready Set for a few years, but fans know he never truly went away. During his somewhat hiatus he released a handful of features, remixes, singles, projects, etc. And each one offered something new from his artistic arsenal. ‘Broken Parts’ is a song that we play when we’re driving on the freeway late at night and want a track to sing at the top of our lungs. With Mokita’s added touch, this one is everything and more. “You got some secrets you don’t need to tell. You got some pain yeah, I got some myself. If nothing else, we could share our broken parts.”

‘Terrible Things’ – The Bad & The Better

What were you doing in 2014? Because we were holed up in our rooms listening to The Bad & The Better on repeat. ‘Terrible Things’ quickly became a comfort track of ours, and how could it not be? The song depicts a promise of truly devoted support. Promising to be there for the person you love while life hits the fan, and as they pick it all back up too. Near the end of the track with a bridge of the simple statement, “You can keep me right there, ready for the weight of your world.” This is a song we will never let go of.

‘Laugh It Off’ – I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love (B-Sides)

This is a track that fell through the cracks all too easily. Originally released as Target exclusives, ‘Laugh It Off’ is one of three immaculate B-Sides off of I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love. The album came out in 2016, and these tracks magically appeared on streaming services a few years back. Looking at a relationship where you haven’t been the easiest partner to have, and admiring your partner for loving you through it. ‘Laugh It Off’ is a reflective track about summoning your partner’s own devotion to “laughing it off” as you continue on through life. “I’ve been waiting on that shot you always say is near. I am exactly as you are, and you know I keep you near. I’ve been a hole inside your heart and it’s becoming crystal clear. I am exactly who I am because you taught me not to fear.”

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‘Sixty Eight’ – Cascades EP

POV: The year is 2009 and you’re listening to every song you can find of The Ready Set’s on YouTube. Naturally, you’d come across this one here. Or the equally praised and loved acoustic rendition, which is the one you’ll find on the Cascades EP. The lyrics in this track are evidence that Jordan has been a lyrical master since he first appeared on the scene. You’re never too old to fall in love with this one, and we promise it’s worth it. “It’s my job to keep you strong, I do it ’cause I’m supposed to. It’s my job to keep you strong, I do it cause I like to. It’s my job to keep you strong, I do it cause I’m told to. It’s my job to keep you strong, I do it cause I love you.”

What other songs from The Ready Set’s discography does ‘Teammate’ make you want to listen to? We can’t wait to see what else Jordan has in store for us this year. With each release, he continues to grow and evolve into an even more mind-blowing musician. We have no choice but to stan! Let us know what other songs you’re gonna stream by The Ready Set in the comments below! Or, you can let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or, let us know on Instagram or Facebook!


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