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Here’s The Gossip: Moon Jong Up’s SOME Is Entering Your Playlists, ‘X.O.X,’ THP

Here’s The Gossip: Moon Jong Up’s SOME Is Entering Your Playlists, ‘X.O.X,’ THP

Moon Jong Up SOME

The ex-green alien bunny is back (if you know, you know!) The wait was long, but it’s now finally over. We have new music from Moon Jong Up, and it’s playlist-worthy! We were so excited to hear about a solo release, and when we listened to SOME, we immediately loved it. 

I had many things happen over the course of 2 years and 3 months. I want to express my gratitude to the fans who waited for me first. As it’s been a while since my comeback, I’ve made an effort to showcase myself as much as possible. I hope to have a successful 2023 without any regrets.

Moon Jong Up

Rejoice, as now we have more of Jong Up’s songs to listen to, and we are celebrating. This is us expressing our gratitude to him for blessing us with his music, which contains his own style and color, and we can’t get enough.

“Gotcha” – ‘X.O.X,’ Moon Jong Up

Are you ready to be dancing to ‘X.O.X’ with us? He’s really got us with this one. As soon as the song starts, we feel like we’re under a spell that makes our bodies move on their own. Is this magic, or is it good music? We think it’s the second one: a song so good that it feels enchanting.

Do you know what else is enchanting? Jong Up’s dancing. He’s an artist we’ve loved watching perform since his debut way back with B.A.P. His movements are all so polished that you won’t be able to look away. Good thing there is a replay button.

B-Sides That Are Anything But Common

We can’t go on talking about one song and not mention the rest. SOME is filled with various tracks that will have you turning the volume up and losing yourself to the addicting tunes and lyrics. Press the play button and see what we mean.

Listen to Moon Jong Up’s SOME.

Starting with ‘Stuck,’ the track has an attractive and alluring sound. If you feel pulled in, don’t worry, that’s absolutely normal. It’s how we would explain the first listen and every other that followed. This is the magical influence of Jong Up’s music.

Next up, we go through the title track before we reach yet another hypnotizing song, ‘Common.’ But wait! We have two versions of this one, one in Korean and one in English. We’re alternating between them because they’re both incredible, and we can’t pick which one we prefer more. On top of that, that pre-chorus won our hearts right away, and all we want to do is listen to it as it builds up to the fun chorus.

See Also

We reach the end of SOME, and we have ‘Fine’ waiting for us as a closer. Through this ballad, we feel a different and deeper side to Jong Up. The dreamy sound carries us on an imaginary wave of notes, with the smooth and high vocals accompanying us along the ride. This beautiful piece clearly shows how good of an artist Jong Up is and how much more he still has to show us.

Now that we talked a bit about our thoughts on the songs, it is time. Tell us what you think of Moon Jong Up’s SOME. We are patiently sitting on our social accounts @thehoneypop, Facebook, and Instagram, wondering how you feel about this release.

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