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4 Lyrics From Aly & AJ’s ‘With Love From’ For Your Instagram Caption

‘With Love From’, The Honey POP

9 Cozy Young Adult Books To Read This Fall

Grab a cup of hot apple cider and get ready to jump into a cozy book.

Harry Styles Makes Waves During ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’

Hungry for some sushi, Harry?

5 Halloween Fits Inspired By Horror Movie Villains!

Spooky Season wardrobe pending…

5 Reasons Cavetown’s ‘frog’ Music Video is Our New Favorite

We will be streaming ‘frog’ on repeat!

5 Lyrics from Girl in Red’s ‘October Passed Me By’ to Scream on the Highway

We break down our favorite lyrics from ‘October Passed Me By’ by Girl in Red


dodie Is A Hot Mess And So Are We

Officially embracing the ‘Hot Mess’ that is our lives. Thank you dodie.

We Would Be A ‘Liar’ If We Didn’t Say We Loved Daisy The Great!

They really are great, and we’re not lying!

Speak Now (TV) Vs. 1989 (TV): Breaking Down Swiftie Fan Theories

Taylor Swift + easter eggs = crazy fan theories

Lady Gaga Breaks Records Left And Right During The Chromatica Ball

Lady Gaga is breaking records in every city on The Chromatica Ball like the queen she is.