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It’s Sweet. Release(s) That Is

These just get sweeter and sweeter

Kick Those Cravings With This Week’s Sweet Releases

We know what you’ve been craving, and we’re here to satisfy that sweet tooth with this week’s sweet releases!

Sweet Releases, So Sweet They’ll Make Your Mouth Water

Mouth watering entertainment, you won’t want to stop listening to.

Sweet Releases- Sweetheart Sadness

Ahh, sweet, sweet, release(s).

Sweet Releases Brings You Sweet Melodies

A spoonful of sugar helps the sadness fade away

The Sweet Release of New Music

Listening to these tracks is self-care in itself, tbh.

Sweet Releases Are Here To Satisfy All Your Musical Cravings

Sweet Releases are back and sweeter than ever!

Sweet Releases – Sweetest Welcome To 2020

Is it getting swarm in here? Or is it just all these sweet fire tracks?

Adding a Little Sweetness To Your Saturday With our Sweet Releases

Sweet releases for your Saturday!

Sweet Releases

Sweet Releases – This Weeks Sweetest Tunes

Honestly, there’s nothing sweeter!