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We’re Associating A Color With Each Track On ENHYPEN’s ORANGE BLOOD Album Preview

We’re Associating A Color With Each Track On ENHYPEN’s ORANGE BLOOD Album Preview

With just a few days to go until ENHYPEN release their 5th mini album, ORANGE BLOOD, the septet has dropped the album preview! The album contains title track ‘Sweet Venom,’ four b-sides, and two alternate versions of the title track!

We’re obsessed with the contrasts and parallels between ORANGE BLOOD and its predecessor, DARK BLOOD. It features a sunrise palette in comparison to DARK BLOOD‘s midnight vibes, but throughout, there are still the quintessential ENHYPEN themes of desire and dedication.

The preview alone has got us so hyped for ORANGE BLOOD, but not only that, it got our minds racing, too. If we were to lean into the color themes of this era, what color would we associate with each song preview? Well, we decided to find out! Check out our thoughts below, and don’t forget to check back in when ORANGE BLOOD releases on 17th October to see if our guesses were right!

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‘Mortal’ might be a soft opening track, but it’s still full of depth, which is exactly why it deserved this layered lemon yellow. There’s more to it than meets the eye! Infused with R&B and delicate harmonies, the track preview still features some common ENHYPEN motifs, like their dedication to “Carpe Diem.”

Image Source: Anna Marie for THP

‘Sweet Venom’

Following on from ‘Bite Me,’ this era’s title track is ‘Sweet Venom.’ ENHYPEN really know how to stick to a theme, huh? From the preview alone, we already know we’re in love with that bassline and the funk-inspo. Plus, are you hearing that falsetto? We’re in love.

If one version of ‘Sweet Venom’ wasn’t enough for you (same), then luckily, ORANGE BLOOD will feature three! We’ll have the original Korean, an English version, and an edition featuring Bella Poarch! This song is giving us 80’s nightlife and deserves a rich, deep jewel tone. Also, we see you coming through with that writing credit, Jay!

Image Source: Anna Marie for THP

‘Still Monster’

Despite having ballad tendencies, this song still has retro, or even indie, influences, too! The juxtapositions we’re getting from the preview alone made us think this song needed a warm but kinda muted color, which is why we chose mauve. Also, with a title like ‘Still Monster,’ we’re wondering if this ORANGE BLOOD, we’re wondering if we’ll see some of ENHYPEN’s lore in the lyrics of the full track…

Image Source: Anna Marie for THP

‘멀어’ (English Title ‘Blind,’ Or Literally Translates To “Far Away”)

We’re already so in love with the chorus drop in this one. The way it shifts from an R&B ballad to a synth-pop bop has our heads spinning, and we’ve only heard 20 seconds of it. With a song this textured, it’s only right that it made us think of this rich cornflower blue, mixed with purple tones.

Image Source: Anna Marie for THP

‘Orange Flower (You Complete Me)’

Ok, so maybe we cheated with this last one, but the clue is literally in the name, you guys. This sunrise orange sums up the album finale ‘Orange Flower,’ and the whole era so far, TBH. ENHYPEN said, “Color my world,” so we did!

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Image Source: Anna Marie for THP

So there you have it! Want to watch the preview for yourself and see if you agree with our picks? Well, here you go!

So, what are your thoughts on our color choices? Have you got a track from ENHYPEN’s ORANGE BLOOD that you’re claiming already? We wanna hear from you over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And you can also take a look at our Instagram and Facebook!

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