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DWLLRS + Claire Rosinkranz Bring Our Dream Playlist To Life In NYC

Claire Rosinkranz + DWLLRS make for an unforgettable lineup live at Webster Hall in NYC!

We ‘Need More’ of Aussie Indie Rock Band PLANET

This Aussie band stole our hearts on tour with their new album!

Hayley Williams’ Petals For Armor As Tarot Cards

Okay, hear us out. What if these songs were tarot cards? 🤔

binge-worthy buzz

Binge-Worthy Buzz: You Cannot Miss These Picks

We’d say there’s something mysteriously magical about this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz…

Don’t Sleep On Rising Indie-Emo Trio, wakelee

It’s time to wake up and listen to up and coming, emo/indie trio, wakelee

Our Top Jack Harlow Songs (That Just Went Platinum)!

2022 has been the year of Jack Harlow and he has the records to prove it!

‘If We Were A Party’ We’d Want Alexander 23 In Attendance

But how do we play with the puppies too?

You Need These 4 Tracks From I’VE IVE On Your K-Pop Playlist

Are you absolutely in love with this album? Because ‘I AM!’


We “wanna be friends” With joan After This New Song

Your ears aren’t ready for this bop.