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20 Alana Springsteen Lyrics That Make Her Our Soundtrack For Our TWENTY SOMETHINGS

20 Alana Springsteen Lyrics That Make Her Our Soundtrack For Our TWENTY SOMETHINGS

Honey, you know us. We’re suckers for amazing songwriting and albums that tell us a complete story from the beginning ’til the end, and that’s what Alana Springsteen has done with her debut project! TWENTY SOMETHING has changed our lives and the way we listen to country. Every song from this album has made us feel like we’re not alone on this crazy life journey, and we truly don’t know what we would do without it. If you need songs that get exactly how you’re feeling with complicated relationships and growing up, Alana is for you!

Alana’s pen is absolutely incredible. Her bridges and her choruses are a 10/10 on this album! We dance, reflect on our growth, and cry every time we listen to TWENTY SOMETHING, so we’ve decided to compile our favorite 20 lyrics from the record! We haven’t stopped thinking about these verses since the project’s release date, and we think you will love them as much as we do. Let’s get into our lyric analysis!

‘if you love me now’

“You’ll think I’m the one and when it’s all said and done, you’ll burn a hole in your boots running after me”

We’re starting our list with ‘if you love me now,’ as it shows us a unique side of Alana’s songwriting, only included in this track. This song talks about love from a different perspective, as Alana’s lyrics warn that chasing her is not the best way to get her heart. We love the country references that appear throughout the tune! We also think its placement in TWENTY SOMETHING is great, as the opening track of the album, ‘you don’t deserve a country song,’ is like an introduction to this song. Storytelling is our favorite thing ever!

‘caught up to me’

“And now I can’t believe I f*cked up and I fell too hard, I’m used to ending it my way”

“Now I’m crying and praying, It hurts and I hate it, I wish I could change it, now I’m payin’”

The plot from ‘if you love me now’ thickens with this song! Alana tells us through ‘caught up to me’ that she has also been on the other side of the breakup. She also had her heart broken and realized it was too late to go back in time. We’re not only obsessed with this track’s lyrics, but we also love the instrumentals! Who said we can’t let our hair loose with this song? We’re definitely blasting ‘caught up to me’ through our car speakers!

‘goodbye looks good on you (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)’

“I hope you meet somebody who loves you like I couldn’t do”

We hate to go through horrible breakups. We just want to wish our old partner well, hoping they get the love they deserve. ‘goodbye looks good on you’ transforms these wishes into an amazing duet by Alana and Mitchell Tenpenny. Playing the jealous game gets old after a while, and their lyrics make peace with those old resentments. Also, Alana and Mitchell are SINGING in this track. Their voices sound so well together, and they add an incredible amount of emotion to this song. It’s absolutely beautiful!

‘tennessee is mine’

“I don’t care if you miss me, as long as it’s from your side of the state line”

“But somewhere I gotta be selfish, I gotta draw the line, so turn around at the welcome sign, babe, ’cause Tennessee is mine”

There are some places that we will forever associate with those people who have broken our hearts, but we need to set a limit as to where these memories are allowed to creep into our heads forever. Alana’s ‘tennessee is mine’ marks that line at the Southern state where she has been residing since she was 14. This is our favorite track from her album! We hate it when our favorite locations are tainted forever by those relationships that didn’t work. We haven’t seen any other artist talking so openly about this topic, and we’re so glad TWENTY SOMETHING understands our most vulnerable emotions.

‘shoulder to cry on’

“Seeing someone with you just hit me out of the blue, something ’bout it cut right to the core”

“Thought I could fake a smile at least a couple miles, turns out I ain’t that strong”

Picture this: You just saw that your old significant other has moved on from you already, even though you’re still mourning the relationship. You see them with your replacement. How can someone throw away all of their feelings for you so fast? You just want to disappear. You want to drive as far away as possible. Been there, done that? Alana understands your pain, and that’s why she sings ‘shoulder to cry on’ with her heart under her sleeve. Sometimes, all you need is an emotional country song to make you feel understood. 🫂

‘twenty something’

“Throw your life in the backseat, you barely sleep and you don’t eat, try to fit in the circles you run in, twenty something”

“Scared to say that the future scares you, you wanna run, but you don’t know where to”

“Your heart is just a bag you’re punching at twenty something”

If we could describe this song in one word, we would say: ouchie. ‘twenty something’ describes perfectly the feeling of being a young adult. Getting to figure out how to navigate through adulthood is not an easy task, and Alana knows it better than anyone. We can do everything, but we also feel powerless and more lost than ever. As we’re celebrating Alana’s songwriting with this piece, we rise up and applaud her. How does she know how we’re feeling at every given moment? This track is a must-listen if you want to get into her music!


“I ain’t the bad guy but I ain’t no angel, I think the best kind’s somewhere in the middle”

‘hypocrite’ is the true definition of a BOP! Alana describes those moments in which humans are just hypocrites. We’re lovers, but we’re fighters; we stay tame during our family reunions, but we get wild with our friends. It’s just how it is! We’ve been dancing to this song ever since we heard it for the first time! We really opened our eyes with these lyrics and thought: “Wow, humans are really complicated, aren’t they?” So, so good! Now, if you excuse us, we’ll go to prepare our fits for Alana’s tour with this song on repeat!

‘when we were friends’

“Front seat of your car was my favorite place, I wish I knew that those were the days”

“I knew who you were kissing, what tattoo you were getting, now I don’t even know how you’ve been”

“If you move back to Virginia, just know that I’m still with ya, always be thinking ’bout way back when”

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Friendship breakups sometimes hurt even more than romantic breakups, and Alana has definitely made us tear up with her lyrics on ‘when we were friends.’ She gets how heartbreaking it is to drive away from those amazing memories we had with those old friends. It’s so raw and so beautiful, but also so painful at the same time. We (Alana and THP) hope you can reconnect with those friendships that you miss, and know that you will always have a track that understands you in TWENTY SOMETHING.

‘ghost in my guitar (feat. Chris Stapleton)’

“And when I try to let you go, you still echo, ’cause baby, you’re the ghost in my guitar”

“I wanna burn it down to ashes in the driveway, set that sh*t on fire, babe, you don’t get to haunt me”

You know what they say: You can’t run away from your demons (unless you listen to ‘ghost in my guitar’ to try to escape them). This track is perfect to listen to when you have someone haunting your mind constantly, and you just want to move on. Let it all go with Alana while feeling every lyric in your chest! ‘ghost in my guitar’ also features the amazing sound of Chris Stapleton’s strings, which fit perfectly into the song’s tone!


“And I give myself permission to go and make some bad decisions ’cause I’m only tryna find out who I am”

“Maybe I’mma buy my own house, hang the chandelier on my own, maybe I don’t want a white picket fence”

“And though I ain’t got all the answers but I’m finding mine for damn sure”

There are so many societal pressures around us: You have to have met your forever soulmate at X age, you have to get married when you’re X years old… Sometimes, we want to throw all of those away and focus on figuring ourselves out first, and that’s what ‘amen’ talks about. Alana is apologetic during the whole track, but she also doesn’t regret all of the choices she has made to arrive at where she is now. This song brings our beautiful journey around TWENTY SOMETHING to a close, and we couldn’t have ended it in a better way. We also love the voicemail from Alana’s mom that’s included right before the last chorus. We always love to enjoy the personal details on our favorite songs, and this voicemail fits perfectly!

Have we forgotten any of your favorite lyrics from TWENTY SOMETHING? Are you loving Alana’s music as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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