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Molly Warburton Has Us Wanting To Fly With Her Effervescent New Single ‘Gravity’

Molly Warburton make us feel like we can battle ‘Gravity’ and soar!


Brynn Cartelli’s New Single ‘Convertible In The Rain’ Is Driving Us Crazy

Another song from Brynn Cartelli, perfect for all your driving needs.

Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Sadie Jean ‘Just Because’ We Love Her New Single

We need you to stop what you’re doing and listen to ‘Just Because’ right now

We Gave Middle Kids Our Hearts And They Gave Us A New Single, ‘Highlands’

Turn up the stereo please, Middle Kids is playing

The Love We Feel For Roosevelt’s New Single, ‘Ordinary Love,’ Is Definitely Not Ordinary

Feeding off the energy of ‘Ordinary Love!’

LEONE Is Teaching Us How To ‘Kiss ‘Em Bye Bye’ In Their New Single

You know what, we will ‘Kiss ‘Em Bye Bye!’

Emily James’ New Single ‘Happy For Me’ The Self-Love Anthem We’re Happy To Have

Emily James celebrates self-love in new single, ‘Happy For Me’ and we couldn’t be happier!

We Know You’ll Fall In Love With Charlotte Sands’ New Single ‘Six Feet Under’

This is a song we’re all going to get so addicted to, and it’s out on March 15th!

‘Everybody’s Dead Inside,’ But Alissic’s New Single Brought Us Life

Need to feel a little less alone? Look no further!

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: ‘Hey It’s Me’ Telling You To Listen To Mandi Mapes’ New Single

Stop sleeping on Mandi Mapes, your new favorite artist!