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J-POP Acts Who Are Worthy Of Being On Your Stan List

The world of Japanese music is vast but don’t worry we will help you get started with these 10 diverse acts in J-Pop!

XG Are Already On Their NeX(G)t Chapter With Their First Comeback

How are we supposed to prepare for a second single when we haven’t recovered from the first?

XG Are Keeping Us On Our ‘Tippy Toes’ With Their Debut Hit!

They really said “Here to dominate,” huh?

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan XG

This Japanese girl group is set to take the world by storm!

yokai millennium parade

Walking Alongside The Yokai With millennium parade

We’re taking a step into the dark side and walking alongside with the yokai. Will you join?

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mirei Tells Us About The Making of ‘1998,’ Her Inspirations And More

Another singer-songwriter with incredible ideas

Kenshi Yonezu Storm The Charts and Gets A Collab

Japanese Musician Kenshi Yonezu storm the charts plus gets an exclusive collab with Japanese store, Uniqlo.


YOASOBI Tell Another Story With A Little Bit of ‘Romance’

It’s a never ending story with YOASOBI.

intersection kaz summer is over

Celebrate The Ending Of Summer With Kaz And Mai Anna’s ‘Summer is Over’

Bring in all that warmth

FAKY Brings ‘The Light’ To Fans Worldwide

Our favorite Japanese girl group is here with another record and we’re in LOVE.