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YOASOBI’s Single ‘Idol:’ A J-POP Breakthrough

YOASOBI’s Single ‘Idol:’ A J-POP Breakthrough

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Among the ocean of various artists, there is a phenomenal duo that the world loves! Consisting of Ayase and Ikura, YOASOBI became a formidable J-POP music tandem and our ‘Idol’ with the stories embedded within their crafts. Since then, we never have to worry about smash hits. For Japanese songs, YOASOBI always got our backs!

YOASOBI’s debut single, ‘Into The Night,’ hinted at the big shift in the music industry — the birth of another Japanese icon that is meant to wow every playlist! With YOASOBI’s debut song topping Spotify Japan’s Most Streamed Songs in Japan in the Last Five Years with a whopping 892 million streams, there is no question about their music prowess. It is proof of the greater heights they can achieve both in Japan and internationally!

True to it, YOASOBI is now taking over J-POP and every music lover’s heart with ‘Idol,’ anime series Oshi no Ko’s opening theme. Take a look at the music video of YOASOBI’s ‘Idol’ below!

Global Success Of ‘Idol’

With the addictive tune and daring lyrics of YOASOBI’s ‘Idol,’ the J-POP song not only won our ears but also topped the charts. With its global domination, they released an English version of the song.

We even created a list of our favorite lyrics from the song to commemorate it!

On the other hand, the Oshi no Ko anime’s opening has been charting in the Top 10 of Billboard Global 200 for eight weeks in a row and now reached #7! This milestone is the highest position achieved by a J-POP artist single, proving the greatness of their artistry.

‘Idol’ of Idols: A TikTok Craze

Along with YOASOBI’s ‘Idol’ worldwide success is the start of another catchy TikTok craze. Joining the ‘Idol’ saga are our very own favorite idols who cannot resist the song’s charm! Well, who would blame them, right? Even we, at the hive, are dancing to it! 

Here are some of the idols from different countries which we caught dancing to our favorite YOASOBI J-POP song ‘Idol!’

Travis Japan’s Shime



“:♡.•♬✧⁽⁽ଘ(쿄세라돔 궁극의 아이돌 TXT)ଓ⁾⁾*+:•*∴

♬ アイドル – YOASOBI

WAYV ‘s Winwin and Xiaojun

What’s More For YOASOBI

The duo has launched their arena tour DENKOSEKKA with 14 sold-out shows in seven cities in Japan. Also, YOASOBI filled their audiences with purple and pink-colored happiness as they performed their J-POP hit ‘Idol’ in their tour’s Saitama leg, which they shared on their Youtube channel and you can check out below!

Moreover, we can catch YOASOBI in Los Angeles as they will be performing at Heads In The Clouds Festival this August 6. In addition, here’s some good news! Our Japanese superstars are confirmed to be opening the Music of the Sphere World Tour of Coldplay in Tokyo Dome on the 7th and 8th of November. Whether you are able to secure tickets or not, here are YOASOBI songs you can add to your playlist! 

In conclusion, YOASOBI’s discography, particularly ‘Idol’ is a big addition to the treasure-filled musicscape! With its leap within Japan and internationally, ‘Idol’ and YOASOBI surely is attracting more eyes and ears to their own music and J-POP.

What do you think of ‘Idol,’ honeybees? Let us know your thoughts through our Instagram and Twitter! And you can also check us out on Threads!

Interested in J-POP? We got you! 


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