new artist

Elise Eriksen Is Reminding Us That We Are ‘Young Once’

FOMO mood activated!

We Wanna Be Tomi Saario’s James Dean!

We feel like we are in a movie when we listen to this song!

mia berrin in the death of a cheerleader video

Pom Pom Squad Has A New Album On The Way!

If it’s awesome new music the people want, then awesome new music they shall receive!

emmit fenn

Emmit Fenn Takes Us Far From Here With His New Album

New favourite artist alert, people!

If We Could We Would Stan Ashley Kutcher Forever!

Ashley Kutcher just released one of the most beautiful songs we have ever heard!

We Love To Cry To Good Music So Sad Songs About Sad Things By Jayde Is Our Ideal EP

We needed new crying- in-the-shower-music, so thank you Jayde!

ellie d. Has Made The Perfect Quarantine Heartbreak Song!

‘Miss You’ is the anthem of our quarantine!

baby queen dover beach

Baby Queen’s ‘Dover Beach’ Is A New Single And A Reason To Have Her On Your Playlist

Baby Queen is a queen, we take no criticism on this.

Something Good Will Happen and That is MarthaGunn!

September 17th… Save the date!

We Are Stanning almost monday Till The End Of Time!

You need to stan almost monday ASAP!