Sam Fischer

‘Another Man’s Jeans’ = Another Ashe Masterpiece!

Our fave Ashe mv ever. there we said it. Now get in our mustang!

Sam Fischer Is A ‘Hopeless Romantic’ And We’re Hopelessly In Love With Him!

Sam Fischer could run us over and we’d thank him.

We’ll Love Her, ‘Always:’ We saw Ashe And Special Guests in London!

Our souls are still sat on the floor of the venue, after seeing Ashe and special guests!

Sam Fischer Announces A SIMPLE TOUR Dates!

Fun Fact: Going to this tour will make your life ‘Simple!’

Let’s Talk All Things Dancing With The Devil…The Art Of Starting Over By Demi Lovato

This album is an emotional roller coaster that we are so glad we got to ride!

What Other People Say

We Are Captivated By The Video For ‘What Other People Say!’

Have you watched the new music video for ‘What Other People Say?’

demi lovato sam fischer

Worried About ‘What Other People Say?’ Sam Fischer + Demi Lovato Say Don’t!

Do you worry about ‘What Other People Say?’