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Baby Queen Proves She ‘Could Be A Winner’ With Relatable New Single, ‘Lazy’

Baby Queen Proves She ‘Could Be A Winner’ With Relatable New Single, ‘Lazy’

After the huge success of her single ‘Colours of You’ and her newest release ‘Nobody Really Cares,’ Baby Queen has returned with her newest single ‘Lazy’ and we simply cannot get enough of it.

Baby Queen is well-known for combining her fun and anti-pop style with incredibly relatable lyrics that her fans, the Baby Kingdom, are easily able to identify with. ‘Lazy’ is, of course, no exception to this, with the lyrics describing the feeling of having very ambitious dreams and ideas but being simply too lazy to fulfill them. This is best highlighted through the lyrics ‘I’ve got my bed // And real big dreams, but they’re stuck in my head,’ perfectly capturing the feeling of being young and wanting to do so much but never actually getting around to doing anything. Now, if that isn’t relatable then we don’t know what is.

The concept of the song is reflected in its laid-back instrumentation that gives it a more relaxed and chill atmosphere, perfect for lazy afternoons and vibing out to music at home. In the lyrics, Baby Queen goes through a variety of different aspirational careers like being a hero or the First Lady as well as owning luxury items like a ‘pink Mercedes.’ We see Baby Queen take on all of these careers in the accompanying music video, its fun and lighthearted tone perfectly complimenting Baby Queen’s unique and quirky music style.

After having just supported Olivia Rodrigo on the European leg of the SOUR tour, Baby Queen will soon be embarking on a series of shows across the US as Conan Gray’s support act. Honestly, we seriously can’t think of a more iconic trio than Olivia, Conan, and Baby Queen. The tour kicks off at the end of September and we absolutely can’t wait to hear Baby Queen’s newest singles live.

Before her two most recent singles, Baby Queen gained a great deal of attention for her single ‘Colours of You,’ a cute and wholesome song about finding love and self-discovery. ‘Colours of You’ was featured on the soundtrack for Netflix’s hit show Heartstopper and, with the recent news that season two is currently being filmed, we seriously hope that she will be featured in the next season’s soundtrack too!

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