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Designating A Lauren Spencer-Smith Song To Every Continent She’s Visiting For Her Mirror Tour So You Can Belt It Out The Loudest!  

Designating A Lauren Spencer-Smith Song To Every Continent She’s Visiting For Her Mirror Tour So You Can Belt It Out The Loudest!  

Not that Lauren Spencer-Smith needs to entice us to use our grabby hands to put her debut album, Mirror, in front of every other one in the record store – while, of course, taking our own copy – but a week ago, she dropped its visual trailer. We really didn’t think we could be more excited for this album, but she managed to get us even more hyped. In this video, her reflection – side note, we need to know what brand of purple eyeshadow she used ASAP! – appears in glistening water until it focuses on her hand lightly tapping, causing ripples. Meanwhile, a voiceover gives us more context about how she sees herself.

“I have to constantly keep reminding myself I am who I am,” Lauren says. Still, when the conversation twists into her having to retreat to see herself from a stranger’s point of view, we see another Lauren in a dark box, almost as if the one we’ve been spending time with is a social experiment that’s looked over. 

We bring attention to this because the image dropped upon Lauren announcing the Mirror international tour has the same effect – darkness still surrounds her, except for a rearview mirror strip, and Lauren’s eyes stare right through us as strands of her hair whip against her skin, obviously tickled by the breeze. It’s yet again giving off “there’s two of me” vibes, and we’re here for its eeriness! 

Musical Notes Across International Borders

To support her tour, though, we wanted to touch on its internationality. Getting to pick up a suitcase for her guitar and fly away from America’s borders for her first global tour is a major achievement. In this case, the UK & Europe, and Australia & New Zealand are the lucky contenders to see her live. Every continent seems to have a different tune they like the most, whether it’s because of its lyrics or rhythm, so we’ve made things a lot easier by gifting each continent a particular song from Lauren’s discography thus far. That way, you’ll know all of the lyrics – again, we already know you do! – so you can shout it louder than any other place that’s been lucky enough to get tour dates. 

North America

Technically, even without that sophisticated British accent, Lauren Spencer-Smith was born in the United Kingdom and then later moved to Vancouver, making her the odd one out of this theme. Still, if we were to throw the American crowd a song, it’d have to feature some of their kind, yeah? Meet Texan GAYLE and sun-spotting Californian Em Beihold, Lauren’s two collaborators for ‘Fantasy.’ The song starts with this beautifully delicate tinkering of notes that sound ready for a lullaby cradle, only this sort of toxic love doesn’t come from a childhood dream. Grab the keys to your friend’s Cadillac and your best leather jacket, because we expect you to be as confident as the girls once this call-out anthem comes on!

The North American and UK & Europe legs are battling it out for the longest layover, which means there are plenty of chances to claim barricades! However, since we’re strictly talking about America right now, this part of the tour will start in Chicago, then go to Detroit, Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, Silver Spring, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and finally Vancouver. 

UK & Europe

Google’s always the best provider for random trivia we ought to know, and in this case, we wondered what country has the best flowers… and yep, it’s in Europe! The Netherlands, if we were to get into specifics, and according to the website Dose of Roses, it exports three billion dollars worth of flowers every year. That’s a lot of flowers, ranging from tulips to roses and lilies! Therefore, it makes sense to belt out the ballad that showed the music industry Lauren’s a force to reckon with: ‘Flowers.’ 

So maybe you won’t be able to pluck a flower to give Lauren Spencer-Smith her ‘Flowers,’ seeing as touring will start in September, aka Autumn. But seeing the crisped tinge of fallen leaves is still pretty, yeah? It’ll all start on September 6th in Vienna, then travel to Warsaw, Poland, and it’s festival time for Lollapalooza Berlin. From there, we have Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels, Bern, Milan, Paris, Manchester, Leeds, Gaslow, Birmingham, Dublin, Briston, and London! 

Australia & New Zealand

Tim Tams and hot chocolate, the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer, and even Chloé Hayden’s Quinn and James Majoos’ Darren from Heartbreak High… Australia has laid witness to some of the best friendships of all time, whether they come in the edible, iconic band, or fictional form. Therefore, even though ‘Best Friend Breakup’ is what we raise the volume of after one has ended, we’re still going to pass over its singing rights to the hot country. You didn’t think we’d forget about New Zealand, did you? You’re right there with them, almost like you were pinky-swearing besties, making it the perfect, heartbreaking duet. 

Australia and New Zealand’s the shortest leg, with Lauren only traveling to three major cities down under. But that means every Aussie must squeeze out the most love they can give her, right? Melbourne is on October 27th, then Lauren heads to Sydney and Brisbane, before wrapping things up in Auckland on November 4th. 

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We all want to know the best way to be at the front of the queue come ticketing time, so what are the presale details? There are a few! There’s the fan presale at 10 a.m. local time on Monday, May 15th, and the TikTok presale for North America is at the same time. Spotify’s is the day after on May 16th at 10 a.m. local time, and the venue presale is on the 17th at the same time. Europe, you’re a little bit different, so listen up: the official store presale is on May 15th at 8 a.m. local time. Finally, the general public sale for your last chance to buy is on May 19th at, you guessed it, 10 a.m. local time. 

Of course, you’ll also need the rest of the album to belt along to with your fandom friends, so Mirror comes out on July 14, the same day the tour kicks off in Chicago. Those heading to opening night will surely be learning the lyrics while camping out in line, and we want to hear all about it! 

Which show are you going to? Tweet us at @thehoneypop, and click the follow button on our Instagram and Facebook pages for our review of Lauren’s album once it’s out (ah, we can’t wait!). 


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