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Ready To Haunt It In Your Halloween Costume? Pick A Costume And Get A Matching Playlist 

Ready To Haunt It In Your Halloween Costume? Pick A Costume And Get A Matching Playlist 


There are so many great things that come from the Halloween season! A few things come to mind: sugar cookies, movies, Halloween outings with friends, and picking out Halloween costumes. Choosing the right Halloween costume is so important as it shows our personality and interests. And it builds our confidence during the Halloween season.

We know that there are so many costumes to choose from each year, from DIY Pinterest-inspired costumes to pop culture icons as costumes! No matter what you put on this Halloween, we know you will look amazing, and everyone will be in LOVE with you and your fit.

To start feeling like you’re slaying your Halloween costume this year, we put together a few mini playlists to rock out to as you prepare for all your Halloween plans! All of these mini-playlists are based on our favorite pop culture costumes. Whether or not you’re dressing up as any of these costumes (or something similar), we know these playlists will be perfect for tapping into the Halloween spirit anyway!

Barbie (& Ken)

We can’t deny that Barbie will be one of the more popular costume choices this year, thanks to the Barbie movie. It’s an excellent and extremely cute choice of costume. Who wouldn’t enjoy walking down the street and saying “Hi Barbie” or “Hi Ken” to others dressed in Barbieland attire?

Here are a few songs you can expect on this playlist to get you into the Barbie mindset for Halloween (and beyond), as being Barbie is a lifestyle!

Check out the rest of the playlist to be immersed in your Barbie Halloween costume era.

“What’s The Sitch?” No, Not Kim Possible, We’re Doing Shego

Kim Possible was all over the Disney Channel in our childhoods! And she has always made one of the best pop culture icons to dress up as for Halloween. However, as much as we love the praised superhero, we also love a villain. Especially during Halloween, it lets us dive into an alter ego and play around in new ways.

Shego is the ideal attitude-filled, confident, bad*ss lady we all want to be. The playlist we made for this costume is top-notch! Here are our choices if you plan on going as Shego or any villain (we’ll include an anti-hero here, too) to get you into your evildoer era. You don’t want to miss any of it!

Yeah, we know, these songs are killer. You’ll be feeling more villainous as each song plays, guaranteed. Just wait until you listen to the entire playlist; you’ll be in ‘Misery Business’ if you don’t. (Yes, that’s a hint of another song on this playlist).

“Harry – Yer A Wizard.” – Hagrid

It goes without saying that Harry Potter is one of the best recurring pop culture icons ever. Harry Potter has become a deeply rooted cultural phenomenon that continues beyond Halloween. We rewatch the Harry Potter franchise, try to make our own butterbeer, and sometimes get tattoos to show our constant HP love. But Halloween allows all Harry Potter lovers to dive in and break out their wands and uniforms more than ever.

If you’re dressing up as a character from Harry Potter, we have some songs that you’ll need to play in the background as you prepare for your Halloween at Hogwarts.

This playlist was so fun to compile, and we went into full Harry Potter stan mode while making it. The first few songs we shared with you here set the tone of how well-curated the playlist is for you or your Harry Potter-loving friends this spooky season. With this in mind, perhaps we influenced you to pick Ron, Hermione, Harry, or Snape to be your Halloween costume.

Image Source: Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

“I Am No Longer The Winter Soldier. I Am James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, And You’re Part Of My Efforts To Make Amends.” – Bucky

Calling all Marvel lovers! This next playlist is for you to tap into your inner MCU superhero, villain, or anti-hero. It’s a nice one-size-fits-all to build up that inner comic character you’re channeling. The songs on this playlist will give you hints of Tony Stark, a bit of Wanda, Peter Parker, some Stephen Strange, Loki, and Bucky Barnes (of course). It’s not an exhaustive list, but you get the point.

Image Source: Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

Up next is the debrief of what to expect in the playlist for your MCU costume adventures.

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We can already hear you telling us how much you love this playlist. It’s the ideal mixture of all you need to get into the MCU mindset of hero and villain, and as we all know, a few of our heroic faves have minor bad streaks. You might as well have a playlist that reflects that for your Halloween prep.

“It’s Over, Anakin. I Have The High Ground.” – Obi-Wan

The list of all the possible Star Wars characters you or anyone can dress up as is lengthy! There’s Padme, Anakin, Kylo Ren, Stormtrooper, Leia, Poe, C-3PO, Mando, etc. This means the sky is the limit. Or the infinite amount of galaxies to explore at hyper speed when having your resistance-filled Halloween. At least we hope you’re a part of the resistance…unless you’re a part of First Order. Then, good luck with your Dark Side Sith battles.

Ready for the songs of the playlist that are perfect for either the Dark or the Light side costumes this Halloween season?

Image Source: Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

These songs, paired with ‘Outer Space / Carry On‘ by 5 Seconds of Summer and ‘Love and War‘ by Fleurie, make the ultimate playlist for getting ready in your Star Wars costume. The rest of the playlist carries on the Star Wars mood with many great artists across genres, including orchestra. Hint: we did include ‘The Imperial March.’

Your “Dancing In Front Of The Mirror As You Get Ready In Your Halloween Costume” Playlist Just Got An Upgrade

No matter what costume you wear this Halloween, any of these playlists or our other Halloween playlists will be your best options for getting into the spirit. It would be scarier if you didn’t have some Halloween-inspired songs as you get ready with your best ghouls. Good music with your besties before heading out for Halloween makes for the best memories and photos (need Halloween-inspired captions? Look no further).

We hope that one of these playlists fits your costume’s vibe or that you are inspired to make your own playlist! As we are heavily into the spooky season, we want to know your outfit this year and what songs you’d pick to play as you get ready. It’s the perfect twist on trick or treating, but it’s music instead of candy. Drop us our treats below in the comments, or find us on X @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram to tell us there!

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