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These 7 My Chemical Romance Songs Deserve A Spot On Your Halloween Playlist

These 7 My Chemical Romance Songs Deserve A Spot On Your Halloween Playlist

My Chemical Romance is obviously a part of our music DNA here at The Honey POP. So naturally, we’re looking for ways to weave them into every aspect of our lives. But Halloween playlists? Even for a non-stan, My Chemical Romance is essential for any and every spooky, scary skeletons-Esque bash. But in case you’re overwhelmed with where to start, let us list out some essential picks for you.


Where better to start a Halloween playlist than with this beautiful, meaningful song? The powerful vocals are equally met by the masterful instrumental parts throughout the entire song. Whether this is a song you can use to find comfort from your own demons or simply one to help the spooky mood, ‘Sleep‘ is a must-add for every Halloween playlist ever.

‘Desolation Row’

‘Desolation Row’ was one of the leading tracks for the film Watchmen and had an equally dark music video theme to match it. This is one we get lost to the point we forget the world isn’t actually our music video shoot. It’s encouraging the leather costume fits, add some chains, red eyeshadow, and the classic black eyeliner, and you’re ready to go.

‘Vampires Will Never Hurt You’

Did you honestly think we weren’t going to include this one? This is the OG spooky My Chemical Romance song. This song gave us the rule book on why we should maybe think twice before pulling a Bella Swan if you catch our drift. There’s not a single moment within the month of October that there isn’t a good time to play this song.

‘Make Room!!!!’

What about ‘Make Room!!!!’ could we not lose our sh*t over? This track is giving angst, it’s giving living dead, it’s giving old western shoot out, and it’s giving us the perfect Halloween background music. We mean, come on, “everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to die.” We’re ready to change your world by making sure you add this to your playlists immediately.

‘Planetary (GO!)’

Uh, did somebody say pre-Halloween party hype-up song? Because that’s exactly what ‘Planetary (GO!)’ is. “Who they want you to be, Who they wanted to see, Kill the party with me, And never go home.” This is for the ride to the Halloween celebration, during the Halloween antics, and for the wind-down ride.


We know we aren’t the only ones who were recreating the ‘Helena’ makeup look on ourselves in middle school. At the very least, this song was a massive part of our young adult-rising plotline. Every time this comes on, we are ready to cake on the eyeliner, put on our favorite black dress, and sing our hearts out.

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‘Welcome To The Black Parade’

What is Halloween without the song all about cold, hard, and death? This song can send an entire generation back into the depths of their teenage bedroom with one note. It’s also one we need to hear during a Halloween playlist to know if it’s legit or not. This song is one of the core reasons we promise to always carry on.

What are the My Chemical Romance songs you think are Halloween playlist essentials? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop! Or let us know your thoughts on Instagram or Facebook!


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