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Halloween Is Coming Soon, So Let’s Swift It Up With These 13 Taylor Swift Songs On Your Playlists!

Halloween Is Coming Soon, So Let’s Swift It Up With These 13 Taylor Swift Songs On Your Playlists!

Spooky season has begun, and we here at The Honey POP are all in! However, we can’t just make any old Halloween post and call it a day, because that wouldn’t be our style. So, in true Honey POP fashion, we’ve got a twist for this spooky season. Instead of Halloween, we’re gonna celebrate Tayloween with these 13 iconic songs to put on your playlist.

‘…Ready For It?’

If you thought we were making a spooky season playlist and not including some songs from reputation, you clearly have no faith in us. We work too hard to miss the obvious, and that is that Taylor Swift made the album for the purpose of us using it as our Halloween inspo. She told us herself, so we can’t be wrong.

‘Cold As You’

We’re bringing it all the way back to Debut Taylor for this next one. ‘Cold As You’ in our minds just completely embodies fall. You know, the vibes that both Halloween and fall give off. This song is just as underrated as all things fall, and we’re sick of it. Give the song the hype it has rightfully earned!!

‘Bad Blood’

Obviously, we’re going to add a lot of darker Taylor tracks to this list, because we have good taste. ‘Bad Blood’ being in our Tayloween recommendations makes perfect sense. It’s like The Honey POP being your favorite place to get updates on all your faves! Just two matches made in heaven, as it should be. 

‘Look What You Made Me Do’

‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is the perfect song to listen to when you take your first look at your Halloween costume. Just picture looking in the mirror as the chorus plays, absolute power. We all wanna feel like reputation Taylor, especially when Halloween hits, and we need to feel on top of the world.

‘mad woman’

Now this one’s a bit harder to explain. It gives the same spooky vibes as fall without being the traditional Halloween-type song. We love a good cryptically spooky song to add, and ‘mad woman’ hits that mark perfectly. This song can really go on any playlist we could dream up, but for now, it’ll make a great Tayloween track.

‘I Did Something Bad’

Are you, by any chance planning a Halloween party? Then ‘I Did Something Bad’ is the perfect song to start off your night. Even if you’re not throwing a party, you can start your Halloween night off right with one of the best songs in existence. Blondie never disappoints, and ‘I Did Something Bad’ shows that in spades!


Our poetic genius made a work of art with this one. We are beyond obsessed with ‘hoax,’ and we’re even more obsessed with the idea of it being on all of your spooky playlists. Taylor Swift has the ability to make such haunted songs at the drop of a hat. We’re absolutely in awe of her talents.


Speaking of haunted songs, it only makes sense we add this gem to our list. We can’t go a single listen without screaming at the top of our lungs, so we’re ready to partake in team screaming all October long. We’re convinced that with this song on your Halloween playlist, you’ll have the best playlist of the friend group.

‘Out Of The Woods’

This song feels like driving through an empty road in the middle of the night, and we’re here for it! Nothing sounds better than driving to the sounds of 1989 Taylor. Halloween is more than just spookiness, it’s about the feeling, and this song has the perfect feeling.


This song sounds like the breakup scene in an October coming-of-age movie, and we’re here for it. Tayloween needs this song because we said so, and we’re the ones making the playlist! To Miss Taylor Swift, we would like Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) very soon. ‘Innocent’ is one of our favorite songs! 


Do we even have to explain this one? ‘cardigan’ is one of the most spooky-sounding songs, and it has nothing to do with Halloween! Like we said before, Taylor’s just that talented. It’s like she saw us making this article and planned for it. (Wait, is Taylor Swift psychic? Probably, let’s be real.)

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‘Better Than Revenge’

Would you guys be mad if we told you this song’s only on here because we’re obsessed with it? You guys can probably relate, so we’re gonna take that as a no. ‘Better Than Revenge’ does not get anywhere near the hype that it deserves, and we’re gonna make it our mission to change that. We will not be silenced.

‘no body, no crime’

If you genuinely believed this song wasn’t on here, we’re a little offended. This song is the best plot of a horror film ever. ‘no body, no crime’ had to be included unless we want our Spooky Swifties title revoked. Taylor, this song is spooktastic! Okay, we’re done with the quirky jokes, we’re not that funny. 

That’s our Tayloween list! We have a ton of others, but we thought 13 songs would be perfect for all our fellow Swifties to enjoy! We’re gonna be enjoying this playlist all the month of October, and we hope you get to do the same! Happy Spooky Season, Swifties!

How obsessed are you with this playlist? Do you think we missed any really important ones? If so, which ones did we miss? What are you gonna be for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! We’re also on Discord!


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