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Now That We’re Being Honest, Maddie Zahm Is In A League of Her Own

Now That We’re Being Honest, Maddie Zahm Is In A League of Her Own

Yes, this article is about to be a complete fluff piece. Maddie Zahm is one of the most unique and powerful voices in music today, and with Now That I’ve Been Honest, that fact is more cemented in our minds than ever before. Front to back, Now That I’ve Been Honest is a masterclass in songwriting, vulnerability, and creating a space with your audience based on similar experiences while putting that to music. Each track feels like we are further getting a glimpse into Maddie Zahm’s brain and how she processes her feelings. It’s a beautiful thing, and something we are so glad she’s made the decision to share with us and the world.

In celebration of the release of Now That I’ve Been Honest, we decided to break down three of our favorite tracks from the record! Let’s jump in!

Stream Now That I’ve Been Honest here, and catch Maddie Zahm on tour here!

‘Eightball Girl’

‘Eightball Girl’ is an absolute triumph of a song. The first time we heard it, the chorus automatically knocked us off of our feet with its larger-than-life sound. In this track, Maddie takes listeners through all the emotions you go through trying to figure out how someone feels about you, which is something that can be so difficult to put into words… at least when you’re not a lyrical savant like Maddie Zahm.

‘Lady Killer’

‘Lady Killer’ may just be our favorite track on the album. As soon as that chorus hits, we are screaming the words and dancing around whatever room we find ourselves in. Everything about this song cements it as the perfect pop song, from the lyrics to Maddie’s insane vocals. It’s all a ten out of ten, and we need everyone to specifically listen this track immediately.


Well, every album needs a song that makes us full-on ugly cry, and ‘Bedroom’ is that song on Now That I’ve Been Honest! Processing that memories can genuinely impact how you view a place, and how being in that space makes you feel, it’s a heavy realization. We haven’t quite heard this situation put into music, but of course, Maddie Zahm has done so beautifully.

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