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7 Times Travis Japan Is A ‘Level Up’ In Our Hearts

7 Times Travis Japan Is A ‘Level Up’ In Our Hearts


Bringing their A-game as always, Travis Japan reigns as the final boss of our hearts as they ‘Level Up’ with their new song! From their sultry charisma in ‘Moving Pieces’ and their chill aura in ‘Candy Kiss,’ our favorite boys prove any genre and concept are their own with the release of ‘Level Up,’ the pre-release single of their debut album, Road To A. And yes, Travis Japan has no cheat codes but pure talent and great personalities!

There is no denying that Travis Japan has established a great game in the music scene. However, this time, they returned with a new weapon – a modern pop-funk song, boosted up with gaming elements: ‘Level Up.’ Our boys aimed to indulge us in who and what they are, serving us with the fascinating and vibrant Japanese arcade imagery and authenticity through their music. We can all agree that Travis Japan did not come to play but to win – win our hearts!

Watch the short music video of ‘Level Up’ by Travis Japan below.

Now we’ve gotten our strength boosted, we will now proceed to the moments that made Travis Japan level up in our hearts. Starting in 3, 2, 1.

Lvl 1 – Jingle Bells, Road To A All The Way!

Christmas’ true meaning is sharing and giving, and Travis Japan makes sure we feel all the love by releasing Road To A, their debut album, on the 20th of December. Composed of 17 base tracks, each version of the album has a lot of strengths to offer, making our Christmas 2023 more Christmassy!

Wondering where to stay tuned with the album? It is just a click away. What can we say? Travis Japan is both our strength and weakness after all!

Lvl 2 – The Dream

A dream will never be achieved when it only stays as a dream. Travis Japan, being the risk-takers and determined dreamers they are, took action in 2022 to make their hard work come to fruition and turn their dreams into reality by leveling up on America’s Got Talent!

With ‘My Dreamy Hollywood,’ Travis Japan’s authentic charm and performance talent impressed not only the judges but the audiences, too. Who wouldn’t love idols like them?

Lvl 3 – The Comeback

America’s Got Talent is having its spin-off, America’s Got Talent Fantasy League, premiering on the 1st of January 2024. And Travis Japan’s AGT chapter is not yet done! Yes, you read it right, honeybees! Our boys are still up for the challenge and are ready to charm the world again. Make sure to tune in and support them!

Lvl 4 – ’99 PERCENT’ Up!

Let us be honest. ’99 PERCENT’ is such a bop that highlights Travis Japan’s power that has been a level up! The song and their performance are both oozing with coolness, and nothing is limiting Travis Japan from bringing us perfection and the Road To A!

They go straightforward and all in into making us rave for more and the official release of the song! But for now, let us enjoy the short dance video of ’99 PERCENT!’

Lvl 5 – Silent Dance

Since their Junior days, Travis Japan has always been known for their jaw-dropping performances. However, their fun personality and goofiness in dancing can also be switched on when the music is turned off! They have a series of Silent Dance videos for ‘Lock Lock,’ ‘VOLCANO,’ and ‘JUST DANCE!’ to commemorate the group’s 1st Anniversary.

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Lvl 6 – Werewolf Tag

Have we told you that the septet has a talent for strategizing, hiding, and even deception? Game of Tag has never been more fun than playing it without knowing who it is – a Werewolf Tag! Difficulty? Thrill? Fun? Because of Travis Japan, all are a ‘Level Up!’

Lvl 7 – Tigers From Within

We love talented, hardworking kings, and Travis Japan is all set for the performances and the grind like a tiger for the rest of the year and even for next year: 2024. Specifically, Travis Japan will be doing the opening act for Marshmello’s Japan Tour at the Tokyo Garden Theater. Moreover, we are over the moon since the boys are having their nationwide arena tour in Japan, the Travis Japan Concert Tour 2024 Road to Authenticity!

With Travis Japan releasing the new song ‘Level Up’ and soon the Road To A Album, at the end of the 2023 game, we are the ones truly winning an all-time high score! Whether you’re a beginner in the fandom or have been with the boys since their Junior era, let us know your favorite moments from Travis Japan by hopping over to our Instagram and Twitter!

If you’re interested in Japanese acts, we got you, honey!


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